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Dancing to Tango Nuevo in Buenos Aires


Tango has been filling the streets of Buenos Aires for centuries but in recent years the milongas (dances) have been moving to a different beat. Welcome to the era of alternative tango! Nuevo tango (new…

La Puerta Roja Serves up the Chilli Bomb- It Will Kill You All

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An invention of La Puerta Roja this lethal concotion consists of a shot of vodka that has been mixed with chopped chillis and Speed, an energy drink. A full shot glass is plunged into a large glass of Speed and then expected to be downed in one foul swig.

What the Fernet??

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picture-1 If you’ve been out to a club, a bar, or an asado in Argentina, there was probably something brown, suspicious and bitter in everyone else’s cup. It’s called “Fernet” and you just might like it.

The 50 Best Bars and Clubs in Buenos Aires



Thanks to the number of our visitors who download our ATG Nightlife Pocket Guide every day, we know you all like to party!

In honor of all of you, we are happy to present our online Buenos Aires Nightlife Guidebook. The guidebook features more than 50 bars and clubs to keep you out past sunrise in this city that loves to party.

A Rendezvous with Benjamin Biolay

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Benjamin Biolay Benjamin Biolay will be playing for the first time in Buenos Aires on April 18th and 20th as part of the BAFICI (Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival) activities. The French singer-songwriter is presenting his last album, Trash Yeyé -released last year- and songs from his previous discography.