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Nine Favorite Buenos Aires Pick Up Lines

Flirting Argentine Style

Thanks to Oliver Ingrouille for the photo.

It’s a Saturday night, you and your friends head to a trendy bar, you order a drink and just before you take your first sip this gorgeous Argentine approaches you from behind, leans in close and whispers something in your ear, “Tus ojos son tan lindos como el mar (Translation: your eyes are beautiful like the sea). You pause and before you even have a chance to respond he says, “Que linda que sos! Porque no estas acá con tu novio!?” (Translation: You are so beautiful! Why aren’t you here with your boyfriend?).

Live the Dash on the BA Pub Crawl

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Meet the Pub Crawl Buenos Aires StaffWith a face full of pizza, awkwardly holding a beer in a plastic cup, surrounded by strangers, it’s hard to predict what to expect. You’ve arrived at a park in Palermo, signed in, chatted a bit, and loaded yourself with the much-needed sustenance for the night of drinking ahead. “How does this work? Who are these people? And am I going to have fun?” you ask yourself. Two hours later, as you give a group cheer to the bartender and slam down a neon-blue shot with 20 people; it all begins to make sense. You are on a pub crawl.

South America Music Conference Presents Full Day Concert

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South American Music Conference - Electronica in BASuperstar DJs and a who’s who of the electronic music world descend upon Buenos Aires this week for the South American Music Conference (SAMC). By day, SAMC pulls together artists, producers, record label representatives, and fans for workshops and panels on everything from turntablism to festival organizing to the ins-and-outs of making a re-mix song. By night, DJs in town for the conference entertain the masses at various nightclubs around the city.

South American Music Conference Concert
Saturday, March 8, 2008

Where:Centro Costa Salguero – Av. Costanera R. Obligado and J. Salguero
Cost: General Admission $90 pesos, VIP $160
Website: South American Music Conference Website

Hot Buenos Aires Nights Are Cooler at Congo

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Congo Bar Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina

Thanks for this picture to Hg2h

It’s Thursday night and you are pining for the weekend but just can’t wait any longer to unwind a bit early…Congo, the very unassuming and mysteriously sexy bar/lounge located in the ever-so-posh Palermo Viejo neighborhood is where it’s at. It’s a great place to catch an after-work drink with friends, mingle with the bustling population of slightly pretentious, good-looking, and flirtatious porteños, or to just chill after a long day and get lost in the undulating rhythm of the music as the energetic and friendly vibe takes you in.

Free Outdoor Cultural Events in Buenos Aires Makes Summertime Sweet

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Murga Belgrano Corso

Thanks for this picture to achux

Buenos Aires in the summer is one-of-a-kind. The empty streets breathe tranquility with a good part of the population on vacation at the beach. You can walk comfortably through the city fairs. Sidewalk cafes turn into people watching spots or even tanning salons. Ice cream is that much sweeter during the excessively hot weather. February sales and markdowns are at an all time low in some of our favorite stores and boutiques. Parks turn into the most popular daytime hangouts (which these days is well past 9 pm).

BA’s summer cultural agenda also makes this season stand out on its own. The government of Buenos Aires prepares free outdoor cultural events and entertainments throughout the city during these months. Here is the what, when and where of free dance and theater taking place in BA this weekend.