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The Best Peruvian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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Although the restaurant scene in BA is still dominated by traditional parillas (BBQs) and Italian restaurants, diversity is steadily growing and if you fancy a break from the steak and want a bit of spice…

Green in Buenos Aires: A Guide to the Best Parks and Plazas


If you’ve already been in Buenos Aires a few days and feel like you’ve seen the majority of the touristic sites, you might be getting close to leaving the city and continuing your travels. Before…

Buenos Aires’ Top Tours


Navigating yourself around a mega metropolis like Buenos Aires can be daunting. And if you’ve only got a few days to spare, it’s hard to know which sites to put on the to-do list. To…

Dancing to Tango Nuevo in Buenos Aires


Tango has been filling the streets of Buenos Aires for centuries but in recent years the milongas (dances) have been moving to a different beat. Welcome to the era of alternative tango! Nuevo tango (new…

Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires


Wine tastingWine tasting is not the pastime that Buenos Aires is best known for. If you are an eno-tourist and have come to Argentina to sample its wines, it is without question that you will have a more fulfilling experience spending time in Mendoza or one of Argentina’s many other wine regions. Nevertheless, Buenos Aires is not completely barren of wine tasting opportunities. They are simply sparse and often require a bit of effort in seeking them out. Hence, the following recommendations may prove helpful in your search for catas de vinos in Buenos Aires.