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Green in Buenos Aires: A Guide to the Best Parks and Plazas


If you’ve already been in Buenos Aires a few days and feel like you’ve seen the majority of the touristic sites, you might be getting close to leaving the city and continuing your travels. Before…

Fear and Loathing in Lake Huechulafquen

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pb280176 Travel writer Jonathan Polakoff delivers us a tale from the depths of the Neuquen province. Complete with empanadas, volcanoes and headlights, this one shows the true pioneer spirit of Patagonia.

The Ins and Outs of Camping in Argentina


Frost in Tierra del Fuego, Photo by Meike SchuringCamping is the best way to explore the natural wonderland that is Argentina. You can follow Che´s footsteps along Ruta 40, uncover the secrets of Patagonia, enjoy the Pampas, and even get lost in one of the many villages that speckle the roadside. But before you pitch your tent, camping expert Meike Schuring has a few recommendations.

I hate Facebook but I love Fútbol


argentineboyFacebook, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with the ever so popular cyber “social connection.” It’s a total time sucker. However, since my travels began late last August, Facebook, as I’m sure many of you have realized, has been the best way to communicate with fellow travelers and newly made friends. I will share with you a little Facebook story.

Free Outdoor Cultural Events in Buenos Aires Makes Summertime Sweet

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Murga Belgrano Corso

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Buenos Aires in the summer is one-of-a-kind. The empty streets breathe tranquility with a good part of the population on vacation at the beach. You can walk comfortably through the city fairs. Sidewalk cafes turn into people watching spots or even tanning salons. Ice cream is that much sweeter during the excessively hot weather. February sales and markdowns are at an all time low in some of our favorite stores and boutiques. Parks turn into the most popular daytime hangouts (which these days is well past 9 pm).

BA’s summer cultural agenda also makes this season stand out on its own. The government of Buenos Aires prepares free outdoor cultural events and entertainments throughout the city during these months. Here is the what, when and where of free dance and theater taking place in BA this weekend.