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Relaxing at the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires' Japanese Gardens in Palermo ParkIf you are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the pace in Buenos Aires, there is one place you can go where you are guaranteed a day of relaxation. The Japanese Garden in Palermo Park may be surrounded by a cluster of busy streets within the city, but you would never know it when inside the park gates. Zen is the peaceful state the Japanese strive to achieve; and in this quintessential Japanese Garden, Zen you will find. The sounds of the water, friendly animals, and the well-manicured landscaping, block out the world outside and create the perfect environment to let loose and unwind.

Where to Run in Buenos Aires


Running in Buenos Aires parksWhile vacationing, exercise may not be one of the things on your mind. But if you find yourself in Buenos Aires and have an urge to go running without going to a gym, don’t fret. As a runner I was looking for a place to run when I arrived in the big city but first impressions left me worried that I would sooner be hit by a car, or step in dog poop, than actually get a decent work out.

After a little adventuring through the city and talking with some hostel hosts I found just what I was looking for.

Buenos Aires is for Lovers


Buenos Aires is for LoversThere is nothing quite like the butterflies you get when you are first falling in love. Those few moments before you see the person who has been occupying your thoughts since you last parted. The light beads of sweat, the summersaults in your stomach, the final check in the mirror to make sure you look your absolute best. Summer in the city is hot and sultry, and Buenos Aires provides a perfect background for romantic dates and steamy nights. Whether you have picked up a new Latin lover or you are visiting the city with your significant other of 20 years, here are some tips for a day of affectionate adventure and sensual treats in Buenos Aires.

Lagos de Palermo – Lakes and Parks in Buenos Aires


Bridge over Palermo Lake in Buenos AiresFor a respite from the chaos and airbrakes of Capital Federal, not to mention some sweet paddleboat action, take a quick trip to the very accessible lakes in Palermo. I mean, they are only a short ride on the D line Subte away. Come on, its nothing. After getting off at the Palermo station stop take a stroll down Avenida Internacional Bullrich for about eight blocks and you have arrived at the shores of serenity. Or, if you prefer, you can ask a taxi to take you to the corner (la esquina) of Avenida Libertador and Iraola.