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Authentic Japanese Sushi and More in Buenos Aires


Passing from one barrio to the next in Buenos Aires, there are many a chic looking sushi joints with dazzling signs of words that sound familiarly Japanese. Pay no mind to the phonetics and neon….

The Best Peruvian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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Although the restaurant scene in BA is still dominated by traditional parillas (BBQs) and Italian restaurants, diversity is steadily growing and if you fancy a break from the steak and want a bit of spice…

Casual Dining in Palermo Soho


The California Burrito Company, or CBC most people call it, recently opened their 2nd restaurant in Buenos Aires, taking their downtown concept to a whole new level in one of the city’s hippest, booming barrios.

Sublime Submarinos


argentina-travel-002 Winter frost got you down? Cozy up with a submarino at Las Violetas!

Argentines Drink Licaudos

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Photos by Vanessa HoeseWhen you first get to Argentina, it may seem that the only thing people drink is mate. Well, parched writer Sophie Parsons delves into the other drinks of Argentina- first up, licuados!