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Unique Boutiques – Where to Shop in Palermo


Fashionistas looking to sink their teeth into Buenos Aires’ local design scene (and put a sizable dent in their bank account) should make a beeline for the city’s hipster Palermo district and check out these…

The New Cost of Living in Argentina


Before the collapse Buenos Aires was one of the most expensive cities in the world, but today you can take a taxi across town or eat a fantastic steak dinner for about U.S. $10.

Moving to Argentina: How to Spot Counterfeit Money


100 pesos In the second part of our Moving to Argentina Series, writer Rachel Paiste informs the new visitor on the peso, both the real and the not so real versions.

A Personal Shopper Makes Shopping a Fun, Fast, Non-Stressful Adventure


Shopping in Buenos Aires is an adventure nearly equivalent to climbing a Patagonia peak. You need resources, a good map and if possible, a guide. The benefits of a personal shopper are various—they can find you what you want and fast, they can ward off the very pesky sales clerks who pour on the pressure and steer you to unique, authentic, high quality items.

The Real Shopper’s Guide to BA’s Best Leather

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Leather Boots

Lovely Boots from Mule.

The city of Buenos Aires is probably my favorite world capital. This year, as I do almost every year, I decided to go back for a visit; and even though I had gone with the intention to spend most of my time with my Argentine friends, I could not help myself and I did a bit of shopping as well. After all, I am a super fan of their superlative leather. Needless to say, I had to buy an additional suitcase to accommodate my leather booty. There is this common belief that the best leather is found in Italy; but this is partly a myth because Italy has been buying its best leather from Argentina for a long, long time.