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Why you Should Take a Side Trip to Uruguay


Hand sculpture on a Punta del Este Beach

Though technically a separate country, a quick trip to Uruguay is a must for visitors spending any length of time in Argentina. Those staying long-term in Buenos Aires are forced to make a pilgrimage every three months over the border in order to renew their visas. And considering the proximity, even people just visiting for a few days can take a day trip over to Colonia, returning to Buenos Aires in time for a tango dinner show or a night out with friends. All this to and fro between the neighboring countries is made possible by the efficient and modern Buquebus, a collection of ferries and buses connecting Buenos Aires with Uruguay’s three main coastal destinations, Colonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este.

Day trip to Colonia, Uruguay


Colonia Uruguay day trip from Buenos Aires.When planning a trip to out of Buenos Aires, there are a few options that make perfect day-long excursions. Perhaps the outing that has the most contrast to the hustle and bustle of crowded downtown Buenos Aires is the little coastal town of Colonia, Uruguay.