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The ATG Link to a Steak Contest – Enter to Win a Big Juicy Steak!


ArgentinasTravel.com Link to a Steak Contest!

Few things bring to mind Argentina more than a big juicy steak (except maybe Maradona), so to celebrate the start of our sixth month we’ve decided to host the Link to a Steak Contest. That’s right, you help us with a few links, and you get a link back AND the chance to win a big juicy steak! Mmmmm!

Ku Restaurant in San Martin de los Andes, a True Argentine Asado Experience


Outside Ku Restaurant in San Martin de los AndesThose Argentineans sure do know how to cook their beef. The first time I tried the Argentine asado I was hooked…maybe even addicted. The cravings would come back to me on random occasions. Just one whiff of the incredible meat being cooked would kick my senses into gear and I found my eyes wandering and my mouth drooling over the incredible smell.

One of these occasions hit me while walking the streets of San Martin de los Andes, a beautiful small Patagonian town in the Andes of Argentina. I was enjoying a nice stroll through town with a friend – with no intentions of eating out that night – when the waves of flavor drifted my way and drew me in. I followed the smell to the doors of Ku and there was no turning back.

Cabaña Las Lilas

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The Cabana las Lilas special is about a foot long...Alright, stop! I assume that you, like many travelers to Buenos Aires, are in search of the best steak of your life. I found it. However, I cannot say that I found it on my own. Every article you read or person you talk to will tell you that Cabaña Las Lilas in Puerto Madero is the home of the best steaks in Argentina, and some will argue that they make the best steaks in the world. After my experience, I could not argue against these claims.

Buenos Aires Restaurants: All-You-Can-Eat at Siga La Vaca

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Siga La Vaca Restaurant Tables For Americans looking for that good old All-You-Can-Eat, but Probably-Shouldn´t experience akin to Bonanza or KFC, Siga La Vaca Restaurant in Buenos Aires (literally, Follow the Cow) provides an exceptional opportunity to eat far more than you pay for. I came here with four friends and left thoroughly stuffed, a little drunk, and desperately wanting a bed to pass out in all for approximately 12 USD. Here in Argentina places like these are called ¨tenedor libre¨(literally, free fork). However, compared to their counterparts in the United States they offer a little more class, a lot more taste, and far more in terms of quality.

The Parilla, a Delicious Staple of the Argentine Table


Argetine Parilla - delicious grilled meats and sides Parilla is every day Argentine food served on virtually every city block of Buenos Aires. The cuisine is simple and naturally flavorful, cooked over a large charcoal or wood fired grill. Almost every interior part of a cow is available on the menu, from liver, kidney and intestine, to the usual tenderloin and strip steak. Temperature is never asked, and the beef is always perfectly tender, with juices marinating each bite. There are other meats and sausages on the menu as well as the option of indulging in a salad bar. It is a no-frills dining experience. Fresh, hand cut, grilled steak on a plate or stainless steal platter, along with what ever you want from the rows of vegetables. It is simple and delicious.