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A Different Tour of Patagonia

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It’s no secret that Patagonia is a large, wide open section of Argentina and Chile. This region, which occupies the southern cone of South America, draws thousands of visitors every year, but the great majority…

Buenos Aires’ Top Tours


Navigating yourself around a mega metropolis like Buenos Aires can be daunting. And if you’ve only got a few days to spare, it’s hard to know which sites to put on the to-do list. To…

La Menesunda: Travel Off the Beaten Track to a Premier Buenos Aires Hostel


If you are looking for a friendly, cozy place to stay that is away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist barrios of Recoletta and Palermo, La Menesunda is the place for you!

Artisan Tapestries Support the San Antonio Pueblo

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Pasaje de la Defensa Buenos Aires ArgentinaArgentina is a country of extreme contrasts, a reality vividly displayed even in the international city of Buenos Aires. As Fendi-clad locals and international jet-setters prowl the high-end restaurants and clubs, on the other side of the sidewalks the poor walk the streets pulling carts, sorting recyclables from the garbage and scavenging useable items. Although this country has a long history of economic divide, the crash of the peso in 2001 exacerbated social problems.

Quiet Beach Town Quequen Boasts Surf and Reggae Beats


cimg1976.jpgQuequen is home to dreadlocks, para-gliders, and Quilmes drinking Moondoggies; for reality surf and turf, Quequen is your Argentine summer destination. Located along the Atlantic coast, Quequen is a quiet beach town with a bullet – surf school. Wide beaches and consistent wind combines for an ideal place to study surfing. Leave your pocket protector and glasses at home, Marvin, this class requires no textbook and assigns no homework – you hardly even have to know how to swim since shallow waters extend out to the deep-breaking waves.