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Top Five Unproductive Ways to Pass Your Time in Buenos Aires


Chillin' in Buenos AiresSix months ago, a typical day in my life reflected that of your average young urban professional living in San Francisco: wake up at 8 am, shower, catch the bus to work, endure an 8+ hour day at the office, hit the gym, make dinner with roommates, catch a segment from The Daily Show, read for a bit, and then hit the hay.

I, like most high-strung and somewhat recent graduates, believed that the more items checked off from my daily to-do list, the better, and I greeted each new day as an eager participant in the productivity rat-race. Fast-forward six months to an average day in my new life in Buenos Aires, and my day may consist of any number of sweet nothings. As I have now perfected the science of leisure, here I present to you the top five ways to be unproductive in the great city of Buenos Aires:

Dique Florentino Ameguino

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Dique Florentino AmeguinoTowering red rocks, intense crevice paths that disappear with the encounter of each new wall, complete solitude, an untouched beauty, and virtually unknown. There you have an introductory explanation to Dique Florentino Ameguino. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either. A road trip invitation with a group of friends was all the influence it took to jump into a car full of friends heading to an unknown destination.

La Plata, Argentina is Worth a Second Visit


Plaza Moreno in La Plata.La Plata, located only 60km south of the capital Buenos Aires, has more to it than meets the eye. My first trip to this apparently sleepy town was uninspiring, and I decided to leave before lunchtime. The next time I visited was on a hot summer afternoon and a friend showed me around the city. When the time came to catch the bus back to Buenos Aires, I didn’t want to leave.

Buses in Argentina – Travel Like Trump on a Scrooge Budget


An Andesmar bus in ArgentinaArgentina is a big country. The many places to see and things to do are separated by hundreds, or even thousands of miles. Although Argentina does not have the convenience of a big train system such as the Eurorail which provides regular cross continental transportation for those traveling throughout Europe, it does offer an immaculate bus system that is pretty hard to beat.

Jumbo Supermarket in Palermo – Buenos Aires’ Answer to Walmart


Jumbo supermarket in Buenos AiresStanding next to the largest mosque in South America is an equally enormous “big box store.” The Jumbo and Easy, both Chilean imports, are the South American answer to Target and Wal-Mart. For those expatriates who yearn for fluorescent lighting, crowded aisles and everything you could ever need under one roof – Jumbo is calling your name.