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The Trek to Mount Aconcagua: Our Brush with Soaring Heights

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Trekking in Aconcagua

“A white unlike any other” was how our chauffeur, in Spanish, described the brilliance of Aconcagua’s peak. Of course, “chauffeur” is a bit of a generous term for the couple we had hitched a ride with, the beginning of a series of misadventures that ultimately should have placed my traveling companion in a hospital. But for the moment we could only stare at the icy blue-white cap, and eagerly wait for the moment that we could disembark and begin a hike through the provincial park towards that ultimate destination

Cross the Andes for a Whirlwind Weekend in Valparaiso


Thanks to Cl@udi@ for this photo of Valparaiso.

Mendoza is often described as a quaint wine-producing city, snuggled up to the base of the Andes Mountains. Many fail to elaborate that the other side of that mountain range offers the perfect weekend getaway, and some singular sites. We crossed the border and took in a three-day, whirl-wind tour of Valparaiso and Santiago.

Bewitched by Argentina’s Own Napa Valley


Wine tasting at the Vines of Mendoza tasting room.

The province of Mendoza bewitches her visitors in a number of ways. Some find peace in her tranquil beauty. Others are lured by the rafting, biking, and outdoor life. And many more fall in love with Mendoza’s sun-drenched wine country, and then start daydreaming how they could stay.

That’s exactly what longtime friends Dave Garrett and Michael Evans did when they traveled to Mendoza together in 2005. The result, luckily for us, is the Vines of Mendoza. A wine-centric business, it gave them an excellent reason to…

To Chill Out in Mendoza, Head for the Hot Springs at Las Termas of Cacheuta


Termas Cacheuta Mendoza ArgentinaLas Thermas de Cacheuta is a relaxing day trip for those visiting Mendoza. For about $60 USD, you get hotel transfer, an enormous lunch buffet, and a full day’s use of the hotel/spa’s hot springs and mud baths. 15 pesos more will get you a robe for the day and another 60 pesos will buy you an hour massage.

The hotel shuttle picks you up at your door between 9 and 10 in the morning and makes the rounds for other day trippers. Once outside of the city, the landscape turns into something out of the California desert with mountains and desert plants. The road winds quite a bit so the front passenger seat is advised for anyone prone to carsickness.

Get Up Close and Personal at the Mendoza Zoo

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Mendoza Zoo - the friendly monkeys!If you have a few extra hours in Mendoza and find yourself hangover free after touring the scattered wineries, a great way to spend the day is at the Mendoza city zoo. Located in the western part of the city is the huge Parque General San Martin (San Martin Park). It is the largest park in town and provides many fun activities. It is easy to lose yourself in the 865 acres of the park that is made up of soccer fields, walking/jogging paths, a national science museum, camp grounds, and of course the Mendoza Zoo.