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Anuva Wines: A Special Introduction to Argentinean Wine


The wine tasting is at 6 pm, and though I’ve been living in Latin America for over a year and a half, like a typical American I show up too early and decide to walk…

Mendoza Gourmet: Italian for All

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la-marchigiana-2 Have you ever been hungry in Mendoza? Writer Meike Schuring has. Check out part one of her edible adventures in Argentina’s wine capital.

Fear and Loathing in Lake Huechulafquen

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pb280176 Travel writer Jonathan Polakoff delivers us a tale from the depths of the Neuquen province. Complete with empanadas, volcanoes and headlights, this one shows the true pioneer spirit of Patagonia.

The Ins and Outs of Camping in Argentina


Frost in Tierra del Fuego, Photo by Meike SchuringCamping is the best way to explore the natural wonderland that is Argentina. You can follow Che´s footsteps along Ruta 40, uncover the secrets of Patagonia, enjoy the Pampas, and even get lost in one of the many villages that speckle the roadside. But before you pitch your tent, camping expert Meike Schuring has a few recommendations.

A Non-Hikers Guide to Patagonia (Or, How to Survive Bariloche in the Rain)

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I must admit: I have never been much of a hiker. My usual trek entails 40 minutes of prep time (both mental and logistical), 45 minutes of walking, and then a strong desire (often expressed verbally) to descend to base camp and seek out the nearest place to get a foot massage and a cider. So, I actually surprised myself when I agreed to go to Bariloche, the land of mountains and hiking, with my sister in mid-May. Little did we know that the fall weather would produce rain for an entire week, and all my mental and logistical preparations would be rendered unnecessary.