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Read this Before Driving Through Patagonia!

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After spending a good amount of time driving through Patagonia, you start to notice the little things that make the difference between a smooth drive and a rougher experience. Expect a difficult drive even if…

A Different Tour of Patagonia

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It’s no secret that Patagonia is a large, wide open section of Argentina and Chile. This region, which occupies the southern cone of South America, draws thousands of visitors every year, but the great majority…

Fear and Loathing in Lake Huechulafquen

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pb280176 Travel writer Jonathan Polakoff delivers us a tale from the depths of the Neuquen province. Complete with empanadas, volcanoes and headlights, this one shows the true pioneer spirit of Patagonia.

If You Want to See the Real Patagonia, Rent a Car


Patagonia SunsetArgentina is a land of astounding beauty and open land. There are wild experiences to be had and amazing views to be seen in the second largest country in South America. But how does a person see as much as possible without missing the smell of the roses, the taste of the wines or the hidden trail heads that lead to natural wonders? A rental car is a helpful tool in seeing and experiencing everything that Argentina has to offer.

This is the first of a three series guide about amazing travel circuits in Argentina. For this segment we are focusing on the Patagonia region. Our first adventure includes a great five day loop that crosses the Andes twice. It includes four national parks, several volcanoes, hot springs, many lakes and a trip to the ocean. It also ventures into Chile, which makes up 1/3 of Patagonia.

SKI: The Early Bird Gets the Fresh Powder

catedral ski

The wind, which kept us awake for most of the night, is shaking the windows so badly that we expect they will explode inwards at any moment. The rain, which has been falling steadily, would no doubt follow. But at 8:30 am, we rush out the door and run to catch the municipal bus to Cerro Cathedral, some 20km west of the city. It’s normally a full bus in the mornings, with throngs of Brazilians, Argentines and Americans making the daily trip to ski, but on this morning the weather has most people staying in bed. Thankfully, they are not blessed with insider knowledge that says if it’s raining and less than 5 degrees in the city, it’s snowing hard on the mountain.