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Photo of the Week – Puerto Madero´s reflection

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Puerto Madero Fragata Libertad

And the winner is … hu90! His photo was chosen from the Argentina’s Travel Guide photo group pool on Flickr as the winner of the Photo of the Week. This dynamite photo shows the Puerto Madero at a dead calm with beautiful reflections from new buildings behind.

Gourmet Porteño Restaurant in Puerto Madero, Another All-You-Can-Eat Experience


Gourmet Porteño Restaurant in Puerto Madero, Buenos AiresWell, to date I’ve tried three “tenedor libres” (all-you-can-possibly- fit-in-your-stomach- depending-on-your- drive-and-compulsion- to-squeeze-every-centavo- out-of-the-fixed- price-resatuarants), and Gourmet Porteño brought my GI tract the closest to circuit overload. But that says more about my mentality than it does the restaurant. Still, gorging myself to the brink of a consciousness didn’t have to be as pleasurable as it was. Each bite there was a bite-sized pleasure.

Cabaña Las Lilas

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The Cabana las Lilas special is about a foot long...Alright, stop! I assume that you, like many travelers to Buenos Aires, are in search of the best steak of your life. I found it. However, I cannot say that I found it on my own. Every article you read or person you talk to will tell you that Cabaña Las Lilas in Puerto Madero is the home of the best steaks in Argentina, and some will argue that they make the best steaks in the world. After my experience, I could not argue against these claims.

Buenos Aires is for Lovers


Buenos Aires is for LoversThere is nothing quite like the butterflies you get when you are first falling in love. Those few moments before you see the person who has been occupying your thoughts since you last parted. The light beads of sweat, the summersaults in your stomach, the final check in the mirror to make sure you look your absolute best. Summer in the city is hot and sultry, and Buenos Aires provides a perfect background for romantic dates and steamy nights. Whether you have picked up a new Latin lover or you are visiting the city with your significant other of 20 years, here are some tips for a day of affectionate adventure and sensual treats in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Till six in the morning…


Buenos Aires Nightlife: till six in the morning....The sun was rising, the air was cool, and the quiet streets of Puerto Madero were dotted with kissing couples clinging to the night. My friend and I stumbled, exhausted and tipsy, along the peatonal, singing pop songs in Spanish and doubling over with laughter remembering the strange and outrageous moments of the night before. It had been another all night marathon of dancing, drinking, partying and socializing; it was six in the morning and we were finally heading home.

Buenos Aires has a reputation as a party city, and only the truly reclusive would argue otherwise. If you are going to even bother going out, you best be prepared for the Buenos Aires nightlife. Bars don’t get going till 12 or 1 and clubs don’t even open their doors till 2, which is fine since most Argentineans don’t eat dinner till around 11 anyways. Everything is pushed back a few hours, and then elongated into the morning. So wear comfortable shoes, try to squeeze in a late afternoon nap, chug a Redbull and get amped for what is sure to be a memorable night on the town.