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A Different Tour of Patagonia

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It’s no secret that Patagonia is a large, wide open section of Argentina and Chile. This region, which occupies the southern cone of South America, draws thousands of visitors every year, but the great majority…

Don Pernil in Puerto Madryn – Gourmet Delicatessen Done Right

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img_0446.JPGAs you weave your way through the exciting streets of Buenos Aires you’ll not need to travel far before coming across a food delicatessen shop. They are amazing, delicious and a great way to learn more about the Argentine culture that is demonstrated through the food. The more time you spend in these shops the more addicting they become. Which is wonderful, until you leave the big city and your food delicateseen encounters begin to dwindle.

Margarita Resto-Pub in Puerto Madryn, the Place for Drinks & Fun

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margarita.jpgThere’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunny beach and a great local pub to accompany it. Tucked alongside the boardwalk in the little downtown area of Puerto Madryn is one of the hottest bars/restaurants in town, and its name says it all…Margarita. Just hearing the name of the place leaves you licking your lips over the craving for a delicious cocktail to accompany your lazy sun filled day.

A Front Row Seat – Whale Watching in Argentina


whale-breach.jpg The Southern Right Whale: beautiful, enormous, astonishing, and definitely not shy. When you travel to Peninsula Valdes you will witness just what I mean aboard one of the daily whale watching tour boats. The whales seem to appreciate the tourism just as much as we appreciate visiting them. All on board and full of emotion, our boat of tourists headed out into the Atlantic waters. Whales, as we learned from the well-informed guides, are highly vocal and rely on a variety of different sounds for underwater communication and navigation. Among the chatty sounds of the calls, clicks, buzzes, and water blowing that they produce, the sound of a boat motor is distinct. The other sounds may be used to communicate about where to find food, or when its time to change locations; but when they hear the boat motor, it can only mean one thing…it’s show time.

The Best Place to Learn Windsurfing in Argentina


Kayaks on the beach at Puerto MadrynIf you are going to learn to windsurf, you may as well learn from the best, and the best in Argentina resides in Puerto Madryn.

Once upon a time there was a Puerto Madryn native who traveled the world windsurfing. He represented Argentina in professional competitions all around the world. Eventually his professional career ended, but his passion for the sport would not fade away. So he decided to open an outdoor adventure shop along the beaches of Puerto Madryn where he could share his knowledge and skills with others.