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Business: Sushi Libre in Buenos Aires

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Business: Sushi Libre in Recoleta, Buenos AiresThere I was slouched, sweating, eyelids sinking…sinking…sinking, but I had to rally. Afterall, I was in the middle of an eating contest, albeit informal, at a restaurant in Buenos Aires with all you can eat sushi called Business. And plopped down in my seat somewhere in Recoleta I needed every ounce of business I could muster, undoubtedly like thousands of customers before me.

Recoleta, Buenos Aires – a First Impression

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A Recoletta, Buenos Aires doorman Upon entering Recoleta, the posh section of Buenos Aires I expected to be awestruck by clean sidewalks, boutique shops, brilliant architecture and authenticity. I was disappointed. In my opinion, Recoleta was average. What I discovered was a quiet Wednesday evening.