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Fear and Loathing in Lake Huechulafquen

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pb280176 Travel writer Jonathan Polakoff delivers us a tale from the depths of the Neuquen province. Complete with empanadas, volcanoes and headlights, this one shows the true pioneer spirit of Patagonia.

If You Want to See the Real Patagonia, Rent a Car


Patagonia SunsetArgentina is a land of astounding beauty and open land. There are wild experiences to be had and amazing views to be seen in the second largest country in South America. But how does a person see as much as possible without missing the smell of the roses, the taste of the wines or the hidden trail heads that lead to natural wonders? A rental car is a helpful tool in seeing and experiencing everything that Argentina has to offer.

This is the first of a three series guide about amazing travel circuits in Argentina. For this segment we are focusing on the Patagonia region. Our first adventure includes a great five day loop that crosses the Andes twice. It includes four national parks, several volcanoes, hot springs, many lakes and a trip to the ocean. It also ventures into Chile, which makes up 1/3 of Patagonia.

A Non-Hikers Guide to Patagonia (Or, How to Survive Bariloche in the Rain)

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I must admit: I have never been much of a hiker. My usual trek entails 40 minutes of prep time (both mental and logistical), 45 minutes of walking, and then a strong desire (often expressed verbally) to descend to base camp and seek out the nearest place to get a foot massage and a cider. So, I actually surprised myself when I agreed to go to Bariloche, the land of mountains and hiking, with my sister in mid-May. Little did we know that the fall weather would produce rain for an entire week, and all my mental and logistical preparations would be rendered unnecessary.

San Martin de Los Andes: Twice the Beauty, Half the Crowds

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San Martin de los AndesLocated in Patagonia’s Lake District, the quaint mountain town of San Martin de Los Andes offers a relaxed, quiet alternative to nearby Bariloche. Built on the shore of Lago Lacar and close the Cerro Chapelco ski resort and the Parque Nacional Lanin, San Martin is the perfect basecamp for exploring this gorgeous region.

Flyfishing in Patagonia, an Experience that Feeds the Soul


Patagonia Fishing Lake This past November, Patagonia, fly-fishing and empanadas became a first in the story of my life. I was lucky enough to follow the advice of a colleague who made it to this part of the world last year seeking the exotic beauty and adventure stories that have made the Patagonian Andes so enchanting among outdoors travelers.