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Anuva Wines: A Special Introduction to Argentinean Wine


The wine tasting is at 6 pm, and though I’ve been living in Latin America for over a year and a half, like a typical American I show up too early and decide to walk…

Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires


Wine tastingWine tasting is not the pastime that Buenos Aires is best known for. If you are an eno-tourist and have come to Argentina to sample its wines, it is without question that you will have a more fulfilling experience spending time in Mendoza or one of Argentina’s many other wine regions. Nevertheless, Buenos Aires is not completely barren of wine tasting opportunities. They are simply sparse and often require a bit of effort in seeking them out. Hence, the following recommendations may prove helpful in your search for catas de vinos in Buenos Aires.

With $100, Enjoy the Best of Mendoza

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winetastingTravel in Argentina is absolutely wonderful if for no other reason than a favorable 3 to 1 exchange rate on the US dollar. While traveling style varies widely from budget traveler to affluent wine tourists, a common interest among all travelers is a desire to find good return on a dollar spent. So, without further ado, here are the five best ways to spend $100 on any given Saturday in Mendoza.

Bewitched by Argentina’s Own Napa Valley


Wine tasting at the Vines of Mendoza tasting room.

The province of Mendoza bewitches her visitors in a number of ways. Some find peace in her tranquil beauty. Others are lured by the rafting, biking, and outdoor life. And many more fall in love with Mendoza’s sun-drenched wine country, and then start daydreaming how they could stay.

That’s exactly what longtime friends Dave Garrett and Michael Evans did when they traveled to Mendoza together in 2005. The result, luckily for us, is the Vines of Mendoza. A wine-centric business, it gave them an excellent reason to…

Masters of Food and Wine Comes to Argentina

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Masters of Food and WineMasters of Food and Wine is an annual conference of foodies held in Carmel for twenty years – until it moved to Mendoza in 2007. This year’s Masters of Food and Wine made a huge splash in Argentine wine country. The party that kicked off the week of wine, cheese, and culinary delights was held at the Hyatt’s Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires’ elegant neighborhood of Recoleta.