Being at the right place at the right time means, when traveling, choosing the right kind of accommodation.Who you meet, what services or products you are told about (or not), location, facilities…all of these are factors will eventually make the best or the worst out of your visit to any town in the world.

How then to choose? Buenos Aires hosts over 300 hostels alone, not to mention the myriad of other accommodations available in the metropolis.

Most hostels offer the same basics: both private and shared rooms; include breakfast, internet connection, kitchen access, luggage storage, tourist information, TV room, laundry facilities and more. The organizers of the hostels will organize different activities: BBQ’s, happy hours, tours and parties hosted on the hostel’s roof, offering a great view of the city. A lot of them also have their own bar, travel agency and Spanish school.

But when most hostels end up offering the same services, it might feel a bit overwhelming and challenging to find THE place that would be good best for your individual desires.

This hostel guide therefore has researched the many hostels available to find those that DO offer something different from the regular facilities.

Although the hostels are organized by area of the city (see links at top left) remember that even though Buenos Aires is enormous, the city is very well connected, so no matter what area you decide to stay in, you’ll never be more than US$5 taxi ride from where you want to go.

The hostels reviewed here are those that all passed the “very friendly, fast and efficient” customer service test. (Thank you all for your time by the way!)

Tip: Remember that (fee), (free) and (membership) are great sources of information as well.

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