This residential area keeps on growing as “THE” trendy, stylish and party part of town.
Palermo is home to a myriad of restaurants of every flavor: sushi, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian and of course, traditional Argentinean. Hip and glamorous bars are a dime a dozen. Depending on where in Palermo you stay, the subway maybe more than a few blocks away, but the area is very well connected via the excellent bus system.

During weekends you will also be able to find the best deals on independent designer’s clothing. Young designers would take their creations out on the streets (literally) and create a huge open air market. Some of the bars around the “Plaza Serrano” area will also ditch their tables and replace them with clothes hangers during the day.
This is a very popular area for young locals too, so even though there are lots of travelers walking around all day, you won’t necessarily find it such a “touristy” area.

Bait Hostel

Bait is only two blocks from the vibrant Plaza Serrano. There are a variety of rooms to suit all budgets and the bar is open 24 hours. BBQ’s and music shows are held every week.

El Salvador 5115
Tel: (+54 11) 4774 2859
US$7- US$53

Gecko Hostel

The recently opened hostel (September ’07) is the biggest hostel in the area (26 rooms) with it’s own bar, not one but FIVE terraces and BBQ area. Upon arrival you will be welcomed with the typical Argentinean drink, “mate”.
Run by three travelers that met once in Ireland and followed their dream, they like to offer a personalized service to make you feel at home. The hostel is conveniently located near the metro station and several bus stops as well.

Bonpland 2232
Tel: (+54 11) 4771-0910
US$9- US$40

Palermo House

This hostel has been in the area for more than five years, which has granted it not only the official recognition of the City of Buenos Aires’ board of tourism but probably a lot of knowledge of the area as well. The onda: a spacious building located only 6 blocks away from the metro and 2 blocks away from the famous “Plaza Serrano.”

Thames 1754
Tel.: (54 11) 4832 1815 / (54 11 )4833-0625
US$10- US$65

Sohostel and Amasoho

These two hostels are run by the same owner and they are both good options in Palermo.
They both offer A/C in each of their rooms (private and shared). SOHOSTEL offers monthly stays and discounts on weekly stays. AMASOHO offers VIP rooms with private bathroom and cable TV.

Charcas 4416
Tel: (+54 11) 4779-2949

Darregueyra 2317
Tel: (+54 11) 4777-3834
US$7- US$50

Other options include: Tango Backpackers, Hostel Suite Palermo, Hostel Giramondo and Hogar a Sur.

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