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Hotel Llao Llao is one of the most commonly heard of lodging locations in Bariloche. Even those who don’t stay there will more than likely make a trip out to the area to admire it. The hotel is massive in size, extremely elegant, includes a world wide famous 18 hole golf course, a full service spa, and best of all is its location. The prices are reflective of the offerings; but if fancy is what you are looking for, this is just your place.

Llao Llao Hotel & Resort
Av. Ezequiel Bustillo km 25
Tel 2944 448530

Another upscale hotel with a slightly different feel is the Design Suites. Closer to town and perched on the side of the mountain, this boutique hotel has a modern feel with a unique structure and artsy design. It has a gym with sauna included, a half indoor/half outdoor pool, and an amazing restaurant. Highly recommended.

Design Suites
Av. Bustillo km 2.5
Tel 2944 457000


A very popular form of accommodation in this area is the cabin. Traveling down Av. Bustillo you will see many different options placed along the lake front. Each has a little of its own flavor but they are all beautiful and manifest the typical cozy cabin comfort. If you are looking for a place to kick up your feet and feel at home here are some great options.

Cabañas Sol y Paz
Av Bustillo Km 10.6
Tel 462784

Bungalows Araucaria
Av. Bustillo Km 8
Tel 461502

Cabañas rosas Amarillas
Av. Bustillo Km 4.7
Tel 524700


Hostel 1004 is an impressive hostel with equally impressive views. It sits on the tenth floor of the highest building in town and is lined with windows looking out over the lake. It is more of a chill environment with a huge kitchen, very comfortable facilities, and possibly the friendliest staff you will meet along your trip. They also have a partner hostel, La Morada, which is placed in the mountains a bit outside of town. It is BEAUTIFUL and they offer daily transportation. Both are high recommendations. But if you are looking for a crowd that is a little more rowdy and always up for a party, Marcopolo Inn may be more your style. A HI member with a bar, pool table, and fun atmosphere.

Hostel 1004
San Martín 127
Bariloche Center Building
10th floor, #1004
Tel 2944 – 442349

La Morada
Cerro Otto Km 5
Tel 2944 442349

Marcopolo Inn
Salta 422


And of course for the true mountain escape there are plenty of camping and refuge options. A tent, a campfire and a night under the stars is always pretty tough to beat.

Refugio Frey
Tel 2944 1556 7419

Refugio Laguna Negra
Tel 1555 59354

Camping Petunia

Av. Ezequiel Bustillo Km 13,500
Tel 2944 461969

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