nighlife in ArgentinaIf you are looking for a wild night on the town, you are in luck. Bariloche is known for having one of Argentina’s best night life, second only to Buenos Aires. There is a little bit of everything there depending on your tastes.

For a wild night full of dancing, sweating and loud music, you should head to the discotecas. The main road that lines the lake in town is Av. Bustillo. If you follow the crowds, you will come to a row of three of four large buildings that will be bouncing from the vibrations of the music within. The younger Argentinean students tend to flock to these clubs but they appeal to a wide range of people and are always packed. Rocket, Cerebro, and Pacha are a few of the popular nightclub destinations.

What would a town be without an Irish pub? Or four of them…Wilkenny is the most popular and a fun post dinner destination for locals and travelers alike. It is always a good time and occasionally the have live bands for additional entertainment.

A compromise between the two extremes is a fairly new club in town called Roxy. It is a more modernized club with big screen tvs and free entrance for women. Sorry guys, you have to pay a AR$15 cover charge, but usually that means there will be lots of ladies waiting inside.

In terms of other Lake District destinations…well you probably aren’t going to find any crazy night life. My best advice would be to walk through the few blocks that make up the town center streets while in each mountain village and you will see and hear where the hot spot of the night is. It may not be the wildest night on your trip; but you will find a chill environment with a good crowd, and quite possibly an Argentinean gaucho singing along to his guitar in the corner of the bar.

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