Along the touristy down town streets you will find plenty of shopping opportunities. Souvenirs spill out of every door and in front of each shop you will be greeting by a flirty employee trying to lure in each tourist passing by.

Shops are stocked full of products made from the surrounding mountains and their natural supplies. There are beautiful wood decorations, serving platters, immaculate clocks, photo albums, and just about everything else you can think of that has been carved from the beautiful tree bark. The only downfall is that these items can also be heavy. However, if you love them as much as we do, you will more than likely go ahead with your purchases. One of these shops we found particularly appealing in Bariloche is Divina Patagonia.

Regardless of what town you are in, there are always many markets to be found in the Lake District. In Bariloche, right next door to the main tourist information office there is a building that resembles a long covered hallway. However inside the doors there are rows of tables with a display of the locally hand made products: jewelry, wool clothing, scarves, art, mates and bombillas are always available as well as some different surprise finds. The main plaza in San Martin has a similar outdoor set up on a daily basis. And the craft fair is always a buzz in El Bolson.

Bariloche offers many clothing shops as well as shoe shops to select from in the downtown area; but if you are feeling overwhelmed by tourists, you can also head to the mall. The mall is not in the downtown area and is not commonly known by those passing through. There the locals are the target audience which means there is more clothing, outdoorsy gear, music shops, and shoes than you may come across downtown. Follow Elfein to the west and you will eventually run into it.

Divina Patagonia
Mitre 150
Tel 2944 424848

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