Cordoba Restaurantes

Thanks for this picture to mgreener57

Córdoba is in Argentina, so expect plenty of parrilla and Italian food. Al Corta, Figueroa Alcorta 330, has great meat, while La Momma, Santa Rosa and La Canada, has great homemade pasta lasagna. Alfonsina, recommended in many guidebooks, was a bust on a busy 25 de mayo evening. Supposedly serving traditional delicacies like locro, the food was bland, the service awful and the wait long. According to Córdobeses, this was not a typical Alfonsina dining experience, but dine there at your own risk of leaving hungry.

Villa General Belgrano has delicious German-esque dining options: artesanal beer, special alfajores, the most boozed-up fondue ever, goulash, spatzle, trout, meat with thick sauces – all nice changes from the typical parrilla/pizza/empanada trifecta. Do not miss Viejo Munich, San Martin 362, a huge restaurant that fills up fast. Try their meaty goulash with a cassis beer. Restaurant Bierkeller, memorable for a giant beer bottle out front, is on the main turnoff into town. Once again, great goulash and a tasty flan. Waitresses are dressed in dirndels and it’s extremely kitschy. Dine here after a horseback ride with Don Pituco Sánchez, whose horses are just down the highway.

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