Córdoba Sierras Chicas


The Sierras Chicas are a short bus ride from the capital city, and are well worth a visit. In fact, plan to stay a couple nights at one of the charming cabins that populate the villages of the Sierras Chicas. These myriad towns are huge draws for Argentine families in the summer, and are basically little resort towns with fishing, water sports, horseback riding, sky diving and paragliding.

One town of note is Villa General Belgrano, a German outpost founded by a group of survivors from a German boat sunk outside Montevideo during WWII. Located to the south of Córdoba, Villa General Belgrano looks like a lost Alpine village and a definite tourist trap. Every other store appeared to be an alfajor factory, a touristy store selling enormous beer steins or a German restaurant with artesanal beer. Actually, it’s a pretty fun place – food, beer and tourist junk for gifts. Recommended by Argentines is La Cumbrecita, a tiny town past Villa General Belgrano, that has a more authentic Argentine experience and is the only pedestrian town in Argentina

Villa General Belgrano really comes to life for Oktoberfest, apparently, when the town is packed with drunks attempting to re-enact Germany’s famous festival.

The Sierras are more of a place to do things, rather than see things.

Horseback Riding

What better way to work up an appetite for some hearty goulash and spatzle than a horseback ride through the beautiful landscapes? This is a major activity throughout all the villages, so just ask at your cabaña for recommendations. In Villa General Belgrano, Don Pituco Sánchez is the undisputed go-to guy for horseback riding. He sets up alongside the highway with his son, grandson and the neighbor kid. Horses are very calm and perfect for beginner’s. Rides of one hour are $15 pesos and you’ll be taken up to Pozo Verde, a swimming hole that’s popular in the summer. In the treetops are parrots, incongruous and beautiful in this mountain climate. Don Pituco Sánchez is a sweet guy, and will chat about anything.

Paragliding and Skydiving

Known as parapente and paracaidismo in Spanish, these activities are more common in the villages north of Córdoba, particularly in La Cumbre. Parapente costs about $180 pesos per person, and there are a variety of companies. Visiting the websites of any of the towns will have more information, as will tourist offices, hostels and the front desks at cabañas. Paracaidismo costs about $200 pesos plus per person.


You’re in the mountains, so get out your boots and start exploring. Hiking can be done from any of the towns in the Sierras Chicas, so ask at the local tourist office for more information on routes.

Adventure Tourism

The Sierras are home to a multitude of adventurous outdoor activities: mountain biking, spelunking, rock climbing, rappelling, outdoor survival expeditions, fishing and camping. Check with the Córdoba tourism page for more information so you visit the correct town for the activity you’re interested in[6].

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