Dancing the Night AwayNightlife in Argentina is well known for late, late nights, more eighties music than there was in the 80’s and for causing more than one traveler to miss their early morning flight.

The nightlife in Mendoza is no exception. The scene thrives with the growing number of tourists and countless university students that call the capital home. Many of the boliches, or nightclubs, are located in Chacras de Coria, a suburb of the city. Although the bars and nightclubs are spread out around the capital, the cheap taxis and nightly minibuses from the center make it easy to get where you are going.

New laws, implemented in 2007, limit the hours in which bars and nightclubs are open. If you are going to enjoy one of Mendoza’s fine nightclubs, you must now be there, through the line and into the club before the clock strikes 2:30 am. Another, somewhat more welcome change is that all bars and clubs must close at 5:30 am.
Note: All prices are in pesos.


Every good night in Mendoza begins on Calle Aristides Villanueva, a five block long extension to Calle Colon that is lined with an endless selection of bars to suit anyone’s taste. Most bars offer basic pub fares, indoor and outdoor seating and nightly specials, to go along with the usual drinks, music and bar games. It is located either a 15 minute walk or five minute taxi ride from the center.

Por Aca

During football matches, this is the place to go. During international matches, Argentinean goals are celebrated with free shots of Tequila. That attitude pretty well sums up this great spot known for late nights and friendly atmosphere.

Aristides Villanueva 557
Ciudad Mendoza


After the dinner rush, this pub turns into one of the largest and busiest bars in the city. With pool tables, dart boards, VIP room and great drink specials, this bar is a local’s favorite.

Aristides Villanueva 332
Ciudad Mendoza

Hostel Itaka

During the many long summer nights in Mendoza, this large outdoor bar is an ideal place to enjoy the evening. It is quickly gaining favor with many local college students as a great place to meet tourists and practice speaking their second language.

Aristides Villanueva 480
Ciudad Mendoza

El Abasto

For cold beers and good old fashion Rock’N’Roll, look no further than this popular bar.

Aristides Villanueva 308
Ciudad Mendoza

Irish Pub

This busy bar, like many Irish Pubs, is often full of expats, tourists and locals looking to celebrate the way the Irish are famous for; with copious amounts of booze.

Calle Colon 241
Ciudad Mendoza


Like most cities, a nightclub’s popularity shifts from day-to-day and week-to-week. Be sure to ask the reception staff at your accommodation or local university students for recommendations for the best nightclub on any given night. The conveniently located clubs near the bus station are to be avoided as these are dangerous to tourists late at night.

With the exception of two centrally located clubs, most of Mendoza’s nightclubs are located a little more than 10km from the center in the suburb of Chacras De Coria. The two transportation options are either a AR$25 taxi ride to your selected nightclub or a AR$10 minibus that run from the corner of Peatonal and P. Mendocinas to the nights’ most popular clubs.


Big crowds, live performances and huge dance floors make this nightclub one of Mendoza’s most popular. It also benefits by being the closest to the center.

Open: Wednesday – Saturday and Holidays
Entry: 21 and older, Women enter free.
J. Barraquero & San Juan
Ciudad Mendoza


This modern club, that plays mostly international hits and electronic music, is most popular on Thursday nights. It is located a short five minute taxi ride from the center.

Open: Thursday – Saturday and Holidays
Entry: Men: 23 and older, Women (Free): 20 and older
San Martin Sur 905
Godoy Cruz

Alquimia Pub

This is definitely more than a normal pub, as after the dinner hour this turns into one of Mendoza’s busiest clubs. There are several floors, each booming a different genre of music, making this a popular place for groups.

Open: Friday – Saturday and Holidays
Entry: 21 and older
Ruta Panamericana
Chacras de Coria

Al Diablo

This nightclub features an open second floor, allowing you to look out over the dancing crowd below. A separate room full of sofas gives you a chance to relax.
Open: Friday – Saturday and Holidays

Entry: 21 and older
Ruta Panamericana
Chacras de Coria

La Guanaca

This smaller nightclub is one of the few that allows people aged 18 and older. Good music variety and large crowds make for memorable nights at La Guanaca. Another bonus, members of the fairer sex receive free entry.

Open: Friday – Saturday and Holidays
Entry: 18 and older, women get in free
Ruta Panamericana
Chacras de Coria

Estacion Miro

This club is popular for its live strip shows, both men and women, on Friday nights and its tranny dance show on Saturdays and Sundays. It is a popular choice for everyone but is frequented mostly by members of the alternative lifestyle.

Open: Friday – Sunday and Holidays
Entry: 18 and older
Ejercito de los Andes 656
Dorrego Guaymallen

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