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The majority of the visitors choose to stay in down town area where they will be close to the action: walking distance to the beach, restaurants, bars, and shops. However, if you are planning on staying for a longer period of time, there are also many places for rent in the southern, more residential, part of town that are highly recommended and make for a great place to call home.

Hotels in Puerto Madryn

Looking for something fancy? Hotel Territorio stands out among the rest in location and in style. The boutique hotel has been beautifully designed and decorated, it has a beach side location, offers impeccable service and accommodation, and it includes a top of the line restaurant and full service spa.

Hotel Territorio
Boulevard Almirante Guillermo Brown 3251
Tel 470050
Hotel Territorio

For a more middle of the line hotel option check out these options:

Hostal del Rey
Bvard. Brown 681
Tel 471093

Gran Madryn
Lugones 40
Tel 472205

Apart Hotels in Puerto Madryn

Apart Hotels are another comfortable option which give you a small kitchenette, a little more privacy, and a half way apartment like feel.

Arenas Blancas
Jenkins y Morgan
Tel 471489

Sol de Patagonia
Matthews y Sayhueque
Tel 457400

Hostels in Puerto Madryn

Like in any tourist hot spot, there are various hostel options scattered throughout these towns. El Gualicho and El Retorno are possibly two of the most commonly heard and recommended hostel names, and both are just a few blocks from the beach. El Gualicho is probably the spot for a more rowdy crowd but if you are hoping to catch some zzz’s El Retorno may be more your style.

El Retorno
Mitre 798
Tel 456044

El Gualicho
Marcos A. Zar 480
Tel 454163

Camping in Puerto Madryn

On the southern end of town, sitting below the statue of the Indio, there is a camp ground for those preferring the out in nature, sleeping bag option. It also sits right on the beach.

Automovil Club Argentino
Bvrd. Brown Km 4
Tel 452952

Rent Per Day Houses/Apartments

If you play on parking it in Puerto Madryn for a longer period of time check out the houses and apartments for rent throughout town. They are usually marked with a sign that reads Alquiler Temporario. They range from a small flat in the city, to full sized house in the southern more residential neighborhoods and will really make you feel like you are a part of the community.

The tourist information office located at Avenida Roca 223 is very helpful and knowledgeable on housing options for those looking for something other than the common hostel or hotel. Stop by the office or call them at 453504 to discuss your options and find the perfect match for your stay.

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