Getting Around


Bike Rentals

If you plan on crashing in one of the Peninsula Valdes towns and are looking for transportation options to and from the beach to your place of lodging, my highest recommendation is a BIKE. Puerto Madryn and Puerto Piramides are the perfect sizes for bicycling. You can get from one end of town to the next in a number of minutes, and get some exercise along the way to prepare for your beach side swimsuit appearance later on in the day. Most of the hostels offer bike rentals as well as various sport shops scattered along the way.

Vernadino Club Mar
Bvard. Brown 860
Tel 455633

XT Mountain Bike
Av. Gales 439
Tel 472232

Car Rental

If a bike doesn’t interest you, or if you are planning on touring the area, there are always car rental options. In Puerto Madryn, walk along Avenida Julio A. Roca, just a block off the beach, and you can stop in to chat with the people from one of many car rental shops about their going rates.

Autosur Patagonia
Av. Roca 15
Tel 458000

Budget Rent a Car
Av. Roca 297
Tel 451491

Av. Roca 493
Tel 475422

Travel Agencies

Another option for touring the Peninsula is to book an excursión with a travel agency. There are about 800 agencies in Puerto Madryn with daily tour buses leaving town around 9am and return around 6pm. They take you right to the beaches of Puerto Piramedes, Punta Norte, Punta Delgada, and Punta Cantor and give you all the details on the marine animals and history of the Peninsula you could dream of.

Flamenco Tour
Av. Roca 331
Tel 453275

Av. Roca 165
Tel 451845

Puerto Madryn Turismo
Av. Roca 624
Tel 452355

Taxi/Remis Options

Need a taxi? At your service. Call a little early, there’s typically a short wait.

Remis La Curva: 451 959
Taxi Patagonia: 458 300
Remis La Terminal: 474 448
Taxi Plaza: 472 214

City Buses

Last but certainly not least are the city buses. The city buses are known as collectivos and for one peso they will take you from one end of town to the next.

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