Getting There


Spread Your Wings…

Most will tell you that it is impossible to fly into Puerto Madryn. Air travelers are directed to the Trelew airport, just 45 km away, and then take a bus to Puerto Madryn. Well it’s true that the most commonly used intra-country airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, LAN, LADE, only go to Trelew. However if flying is a priority, there is another option. Puerto Madryn does have an airport and ONE airline to help you out. The small Andes Airline, offers two flights a week to and one destination – Buenos Aires.

Aeropuerto El Tehuelche in Puerto Madryn
Tel – 451909/456774

Andes Airlines
Tel 452355/452371
Avenida Roca 624

The Wheels On the Bus…

An Argentina bus on a break in the mountains.After traveling a few months by bus, you’ll appreciate the cleanliness and organization of the Puerto Madryn bus terminal. There are 13 bus companies offering transportation for both long distance and local Chubut province travel, an office for tourist information and lodging, and the first sight seeing opportunities with a fossil of a big whale right in the center of the terminal.

Andesmar: Tel 473764
Mar Y Valle: Tel 472056
Central Argentina: Tel 470443
QueBus: Tel 455805
Don Otto: Tel 451675
Ruta Patagonia: Tel 454572
El Cóndor: Tel 454465
Via Tac: Tel 474938
El Ñandú: Tel 427499
Tramat: Tel 450389
El Pingüino: Tel 473056
TUS: Tel 451962
28 de Julio: Tel 47205
A bus trip to Buenos Aires takes a whoppin’ 17 hours but time flies with the luxury bus services.

Chooo Chooo…

Train travel is not common in Argentina. But there is one line that runs from Buenos Aires to Bariloche and has a stop in Puerto Madryn as well. The railway – Ferrocarril Roca – starts at Ingeniero Jacobacci and reaches Esquel.

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