Remember that the night life in Argentina gets a late start. If you show up before 1am in the pubs or discos you may be the first one there. However, if you need an activity to keep you busy until the night kicks off, you can always have the first few drinks over a game of pool. Puerto Madryn is full of pool bars and pool sharks. If you’re looking for a chill environment to sip on a cool beer, this is not for you. But if you don’t mind a loud environment and a little smoke it makes for a good time.

The locals will tell you that the place to be for a night on the town is Margarita. Margarita is always a hot spot; but as the night gets longer the high-spirited partiers begin to make their way to Molino. It sits on the beach in the southern part of town and is accurately marked by a wind mill out front (molino means windmill in Spanish). It’s guaranteed to be packed full of people around 4am until the wee hours of the night when everyone finally decides to retreat to their beds.
Other bars to check out are Takos, Cleopatra, and El Boulevard.

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