restaurants2.jpg The beach side dining usually sweeps the restaurant market in Puerto Madryn for obvious reasons. Along the boardwalk you can find some of the most popular: El Vernadino, Joaquina, Simona, etc… They do have good food but the main reason for the high table demand in these locations is due to the incredible ambiance with low lights and serenading waves. These locations are also common gathering grounds on social weekend mornings.

To experience the restaurant with the most impressive view of all you have to jump in a taxi to Vesta. At the far tip of the beach, before the road disappears into the cliff, there is one restaurant that sits all alone with a big patio and an even bigger view. Live music is commonly played on the weekends and there is a deliciously diverse menu. Getting there may not be as easy as the other locations, but when you are looking back on the lit up city from a distance you will be glad you made the trip.

Bvard. Brown
Puenta Cuevas
Tel 470766

The most popular non-beach side dining options are Mr. Jones and Margarita. Mr. Jones is a smaller cozy place on the corner of 25 de Mayo and 9 de Julio. Their food is delicious, their prices are impeccable, and they have their own beer brewery. Margarita is a restaurant by day, a bar by night, and ALWAYS a good time. The upbeat crowd is even more present on Wednesday nights when their menu features a new cuisine from a new part of the world. One week you’ll be eating Arabian food with live music and belly dancers, and the next you’ll be eating with chopsticks.

Mr. Jones
9 de Julio 116
Tel 475368

R. Sáenz Peña 15
Tel 15475871

For food on the run there is a small-town local secret. Halloween specials in home-made empanadas and pizzas. They are always fresh and made upon order, which means that there’s usually a line of people waiting outside the small shop and drooling over smells of the freshly baked goods.

Av. Roca 1355
Tel 45090

And if you are planning on cooking, or just snacking, make sure to stop by Don Pernil. On the corner of Avenida Roca and Albaraccin there sits a small shop with big flavor. Puerto Madryn’s first food delicacy shop maintains its tradition and reputation. To find the towns best alfajores, Welsch cake or learn about Argentinean wines from a true expert this place is a must.

Don Pernil
Av. Roca 636 Loc. 1
Tel 454885

Restaurants in Puerto Pirámides

Puerto Piramides has a smaller dining selection but with equally satisfying flavor. The Paradise Pub offers their local catch of the day special, as well as a menu full of lamb, pasta, and beef dishes. The seafood in this restaurant is as good as it gets in Argentina and their large wine cellar offers plenty of options to match with your dinner of choice.

Bar Arte is another delicious restaurant and a very fun atmosphere. Pictures, art, music, and history are plastered on the walls and the bright colors are reflected in the bright spirits of the people working there.

Coffee and Tea Houses

All throughout the Peninsula Valdes region you will also find many Welsh tea houses. The early Welsh settlers left a big impression on this area of the country and their culture is reflected in the Casas de Té that are spread throughout the area. Cafes are always present as well. Some of the town favorites are: Casa de Té del Chubut, Balcarce which is also a WiFi zone, and the much loved Havanna.

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