Night spots are plentiful and exciting in Rosario. The most popular are located in Barrio Pichincha. Those over 25 tend to go to disco Madame while the younger generations prefer Satchmo and Moon. Many flock to La Fluvial in the port and La Casa del Bajo (House of the Lowlands) along the riverside. Downtown, many pubs compete with each other some of them providing live music such as Willy Dixon, Berlin and Luna.
Following are some good places to visit, but remember that they tend to be packed on Fridays and Saturdays and the lower age limit is not always respected.

Bars and Clubs

Nenina Cocktails
Doors open at 6 p.m. Open seven days a week. Great view of the Victoria – Rosario Bridge at the northern edge of the riverside walk. The best international, Argentine and Brazilian cocktails and tropical drinks.
Av. Costanera at the corner of Galicia. (Riverside)/ Over18

Open seven days a week. Dancing to rock and pop music.
Rioja 1970/Over 18

Chiringo Bar
Doors open at 10 pm, seven days a week Friday nights you get two drinks and pay 1. Different music styles including retro.
Dorrego 1049/ Over 18

Doors open at 2 am and close at 5 am. Lots of retro music. Friday night 2 drinks for every one you order.
Cordoba 3549/ Tel: 156694557

Seven days a week. Main floor: pop & Latin music
VIP Lounge: Latin retro & dance music.
Córdoba 3549/ Over 20

García Bar
Doors open at 11 pm. Seven days a week.
Ovidio Lagos 30/

Papas & Beer
Doors open at 11 pm. Closed on Sundays.
Boulevard Rondeau 1736/ Over 18

Doors open at midnight. Open seven days a week. Exclusive VIP area.
Balcarce 835/ Tel: 0341 154684737

Facundo. Patio de la Madera
Doors open at 10 pm. Open seven days a week. Live bands.
Tel: 0341 155217288 or 0341 156295906/ Over 18

Should anyone be looking for more erotic action, drop in at La Rosa Bar with live shows and strippers at Cordoba 3455 or Templo de la Perdicion” at Callao 125.

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