International cuisine including dishes from Africa, Europe and Latin America.
Montevideo at the corner of Santiago/ (0341) 449 2397

Grilled steak, lamb, river fish and frog legs. Good quality, friendly ambience.
San Martín 4650/ (0341) 463 2504

Bar Junior
Bar and restaurant, specialists in sandwiches. Try the turkey sandwich.
Mitre 849/ (0341) 426 5993

Bell Angelo
Italian and Argentine dishes, good steaks and deserts. A place for families with children.
Agrelo at the corner of Larrechea/ (0341) 455 5455

Bella Pizza
Close to the Flag Monument plus a branch in Pichincha neighborhood, this ‘pizzeria’ provides delicious pizza either cooked normally in special ovens or grilled.
Av. Pellegrini 1635 or Córdoba 827 or Güemes 2359 / (0341) 482 6322

Bon Gusto
Located on the San Martin pedestrian street. Good home cooking.
San Martín 978/ (0341) 421 5460

Steakhouse and restaurant, premium beef and the best wines.
Pueyrredón esq. Brown / (0341) 435 3934

Da Vinci
Italian cuisine with dishes from several regions in Italy.
España 777/ (0341) 447 7447

Don Alfonso
Great Argentine beef.
27 de Febrero at the corner of Entre Ríos/ 482 6151-155 724430

Estación Güemes
Gourmet cuisine in Pichincha neighborhood
Güemes y Ovidio Lagos / (0341) 435 6716

El Ancla
Restaurant and bar with home delivery. Good Italian pasta.
Maipú at the corner of San Juan/ (0341) 411 4142

El León
Pasta, home-made bread and special meat such as rabbit, nutria and carpincho, a large pig-like animal populating South America.
Alem at the corner of La Paz/ (0341) 481 9017

El Lugar Griego
Greek music and dancing and Mediterranean cuisine.
Rioja 504 /0341-4491682

Esquina Viejo Munich
Lots of seafood and home-made pasta. Good beef too.
Buenos Aires at the corner of Ituzaingó/ 0341-4728041

Pizza and Pasta
Cochabamba 1463/ 481 2514

Five Club
500 choices of wine, special for events and get-togethers with friends. Gourmet food. Live music.
Eva Perón 7788 / (0341) 411 9696

Hamburgo Park
Good Pizza, ice cream and coffee shop. Pizza is all you can get for a fixed price.
Av. Alberdi 1037 / (0341) 437 1000

Kid goat, beef, river and sea fish, seafood, frog’s legs, rabbit plus incredible deserts
Av. Pellegrini and Moreno/ (0341) 482 4027

International cuisine. Live shows. Opens at 6 pm.
Salta 3157/ (0341)153 107497

Mexican and international cuisine. Wine bar and events. Open until dawn.
Junin 501 Alto Rosario/ (0341) 410 6666

La Buena Medida
This is the oldest bar in Rosario. Breakfast lunch and dinner in a special atmosphere.
Rioja at the corner of Buenos Aires/ 411 3073

La Miranda Asador
Grilled steak, pasta. Relaxed atmosphere.
Moreno 398/ 0341-449 1158

La Cautiva
Dancing, live performers, a la carte food. Three live orchestras.
San Nicolás 2256 / (0341) 431 2896

La Yapa
Fun restaurant where members of the audience can tell jokes and play the guitar. Good, full-bodied wines.
Maipú 1186/ 448 6024

Las Tres Ranas
Wide variety of Spanish cuisine.
Sarmiento esq. Ituzaingó/ (0341) 481 9791

Lo Mejor del Centro
Top quality beef.
Santa Fe 1166/ (0341) 421 9983

Home-made pasta, coffee shop and bar.
Italia 590/ (0341) 425 5437

Refined cuisine, music and interesting architecture. Over 150 wines.
Córdoba 1680/ (0341) 447 4598

México de mis Sabores
The only Mexican food to be had in Rosario, decorated with images depicting historical Mexican moments.
Vera Mujica at the corner of Salta/ 0341 – 4351551

Traditional food. Good selection of fish, beef and chicken. Live shows. Pellegrini 1048/ (0341) 449 6630

On the northern riverside near the Rosario-Victoria bridge Pizza, home-made pasta and great sandwiches. Good view of Paraná River.
Av. Costanera 3875/ (0341) 454 3589

Located at the riverside. Deck on the sand, live comedians and large winter patio. Home-made pasta, pizza and coffee shop.
Av. Costanera and Gallo/ (0341) 453 4106

Nos Sobran los Motivos – Pleasant ambience. Live shows, good wine assortment.
Maipú 555/ (0341) 448 6637

O’Connell’s Irish Pub – Low lights in a friendly atmosphere plus beer from all over the world.
Paraguay 212/ (0341) 440 0512

Traditional grill and restaurant with good beef and pork.
Moreno 1206/ 0341-4494303

The biggest Karaoke bar in town.
Urquiza 1365/ (0341) 411 2042

Sr. Arenero
Good fish by the river. Saturday night live shows.
Av. Costanera and Gallo/ (0341) 453 4267

Traditional restaurant and case with great views of the river and Flag Monument. Wonderful snacks.
Rioja 433/ (0341) 426 4383

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