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A Walking Tour

Downtown Rosario

Thanks to Pablo David Flores for this photo

A good way to get the feel of this energetic city is to take a walk from the old section to the coast of the Paraná River. Check out this website, which has an excellent map of the city to get your bearings

The pedestrian Juramento St. leads from the Cathedral to the Monumento de la Bandera (Flag Monument), one of the most visited areas and the pride of Rosario. Here you will be able to see a waterfall and a series of sculptures by Lola Mora, the most famous Argentine sculptress, a Greek temple and the Flag Museum.

The well-known El Cairo Bar is a pleasant spot where to acquire an insight into the city’s personality. Sit down in a relaxed atmosphere and savor their specialty breakfast that includes a ‘Carlitos’, a delicious toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Take a leisurely look around and see the people populating the cafe. Office workers, intellectuals and artists may look back at you but in a friendly way. Years ago this café was popular among the city’s intellectuals, young and old. It has its own library and holds musical and theater performances.

After your ‘Carlitos’, take a walk to the river front. The majestic Paraná River that triggered the city’s growth flows by seemingly forever, carrying grain and cargo ships as well as sand barges and leisure craft. Walking through Plaza España along the riverside one can view a number of islands offshore. These lush islands are made from soil that the river has carried from upriver and which has accumulated over centuries.

There you can check out the cultural complex and after, visit Plaza Guernica and the various fishing clubs. At one end of the park the Isla de los Inventos (Invention Island) offers children many hands on (and feet on) outdoor activities.

A little further north, stroll to the Parque de las Colectividades (Park of Communities) where over 50 different communities from Italian, Spanish, Lebanese, Chileans, Brazilians, to Japanese celebrate their national feast days.

Walking through Barrio Alberdi (Alberdi Neighborhood) check out the grand mansions and drop in at some of the city’s best bars. Villa Hortensia is an elegant mansion open to visitors (free admittance) where you can also enjoy the many art works inside.

Oroño Boulevard is also worth strolling slowly along to see more of the city’s older, elegant houses dating back to the 1920s. Today, modern bars and cafes line its center walkway.

Cordoba street is a pedestrian thoroughfare where you can admire 19th and 20th century architecture.

The old town lies in the middle of the downtown area where the city was founded in 1689. Then you can continue down to Plaza 25 de Mayo and visit the Cathedral.

Parks and the Beach

Beach in RosarioParque Independencia, Between Pellegrini, 27 de Febrero, Moreno and Lagos streets was created in 1902 and is considered the ‘lungs’ of Rosario. Its 250 acres of trees, plants, flowers, a special garden with thousands of roses and a lake provide a quiet, calming environment of natural beauty. The park contains two museums, one of contemporary art and the second a history of the city. Expert gardeners for over half a century have kept an updated calendar made of hundreds of flowers. The park’s highlight is the Dancing Waters Fountain best seen in the evening hours.

Other parks are: Parque Urquiza, Parque Alem. Parque Italia, Bosque de los Constituyentes (Woods of the Constituents) with over 640 acres covered with 45,000 trees.

In summer, spend a little time on the beach. But be careful, the temperature tends to climb to 37 degrees Celsius and at midday the sun is very strong. Potent sunscreens should be used and preferably, sunbathing should be limited to the morning and late afternoon. La Florida beach is one of the most popular with chairs and parasols for rent. Bars in the area are plentiful so bottled water, soft drinks and snacks can easily be had. Clericó (cold wine and fruit drink) is the most popular and economical. Be careful, it is cool and slides soothingly down the throat so that the true alcohol content is not perceived. Therefore, beware, after a few glasses your thirst will be slaked but your head spinning.

River Tour

Rosario-Parana RiverA trip on the tour ship Ciudad de Rosario, with a capacity for 200 passengers, will carry you slowly, majestically, along the Paraná River and on to a world of discovery as it slips elegantly through tributary rivers and between beautiful islands. The vessel passes under the new Rosario-Victoria Bridge connecting the city with Victoria in the neighboring province of Entre Rios. It is 608 meters (721 yards) long and 350 meters (418 yards) above the river.

For more information: Barco Ciudad de Rosario Bookings: (0341)449 8688.

A more personal way travel is to weave your way through the islands on a hired launch tour:
Roberto Jurnet: Tel: 0341 155 976380
Ricardo Tomás Thoss: Tel: 0341 155 520402
For more information contact:

Bike Tour

Another fun way to tour the city is riding a bike. Sebastian Solari rents bikes and leads tours not only around Rosario City but also gives you the option of including a tour of the river paddling a kayak.

Sebastian Solari Bookings: Tel: +54 341 155 713812 /

By Air

If you are not on a budget, you could rent a small plane and see the city from the air. The plane flies over the northern area of the city up to the Rosario-Victoria Bridge. Prices include hotel transfers. GPS Viajes can also fly you to one of several ranches in the countryside where you can savor the famous Argentine beef BBQ and watch real gauchos doing their thing.

GPS Viajes: Jorge López de Vita – 4166788 –155 197572
Vuelos en Rosario: Tel: 527 0313

The more adventurous can see the city from the air while dropping from an airplane in a parachute.
Tel: 0341-156192177 / 0341-154683367 /

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