A good meal can be hard to come by in San Rafael, depending on where and when you look. In the center of the town, it is possible to find something to eat at any time of day in one of the cafes. However, if you are on the outer limits of the town, perhaps returning from a walk to a vineyard, it is good to remember that San Rafael is a small town and it does shut down for its afternoon siesta. Most restaurants, whether in the center or not, won’t reopen before 8, so buy a medialuna from a bakery to tide yourself over or go to one of the numerous ice cream parlors.

If you are dining at the native time, an excellent parilla is La Fusta, and its sister restaurant, La Fusta II. They serve excellent traditional Argentine meats as well as a few special dishes, including a delicious Cuban rice, beans, and spiced pulled beef.

Other restaurants in the area include the Jockey Club, also serving traditional Argentine food, and the two different branches of Ouviñas, which serves excellent pizza.

  • La FustaHypólito Yrigoyen 538
  • La Fusta II Hypólito Yrigoyen, past the YPF gas station on the edge of town
  • Ouviñas Hypólito Yrigoyen 1268 and Olascoaga 177
  • Jockey Club Belgrano 330, Tel:422336
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