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To find out what’s happening in Tucumán, head to the Tourist Information Center, where they will gladly give you a list and recommendations for ongoing events. You can also visit their website, where they keep an up to date schedule of events as well.

Tourism Information Center
24 de setiembre 484
Tel : (0381) 430-3644
Tucuman Tourism Office

Sightseeing in Tucuman

The major attractions of the city are best seen walking through town, which should take you no more than a few hours. Make sure you keep in mind that everything closes down for siesta-your best bet may be to walk around in the morning, take the afternoon off, and join the Tucumanos in the early evening as they stroll through the streets and sit in the plazas to enjoy the evening and fresh air.

Plaza Independencia

Just like in any city in Argentina, the center is organized around a main plaza, in this case called Plaza Independencia. The tourism information office is across the street, and is incredibly helpful-they will give you anything from restaurant recommendations to bus schedules, and are one of the few businesses open all day, throughout the afternoon.

There are also a couple of itineraries set up through town, which take you by all the important monuments; you can find the billboards for them on the plaza. The Plaza Independencia itself is well worth seeing, with benches and trees, it provides a shaded area for Tucumanos to meet up, and is often packed with people chatting. In the evenings there is usually some sort of event going on organized by an association in the town. Around the plaza are two churches, and the Casa de Gobierno, all colonial buildings that have been restored and offer great visits and photo ops.

Casa Histórica de la Independencia

A must see for any visitor to Tucumán, the Casa Independencia is the house where the independence of Argentina was officially signed. A couple of blocks away from the Plaza Independencia, this building is on a pedestrian street, next to several other museums. Inside, it offers a history of how Argentina gained its independence, and describes life in Tucumán during colonial times. The inside garden is very picturesque.

Iglesia San Francisco

San Francisco Church Tucuman ArgentinaOn one of the corners of the Plaza Independencia, the Iglesia San Francisco seems to be always bustling with activity. It’s true that it’s also at the corner of two shopping streets, however there is a strong Catholic faith in Tucumán which the quantity of people going in and out of the church attest to. The steps are often filled with people of all ages, waiting outside for mass to end or listening in. A National Monument, it has several pieces of art and relics inside that are worth seeing. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot the bell ringer in action.

Parque 9 de Julio

Though you might want to steer away from this park at night, it’s a very pleasant visit during the day. Fairly large, it has an artificial lake, and on weekends it fills with Tucumanos lying around in the grass sipping mate. There are a couple of cafes, some statues and fountains, and of course, the park is an ideal spot for a spontaneous fútbol game. There is the Museum of the Sugar Industry inside the park, which gives an idea of rural lifestyle during colonial times.

Entertainment & Cultural Activities

The peñas have live folklore on weekends, and some restaurants occasionally have traditional shows. There are several Cultural Centers in the city, which often have exhibitions, live music, or theater performances. At the magnificent Alberdi Theater, you may be able to catch a concert by the Tucumán Symphonic Orchestra. The tickets are generally cheap, and the theater is said to be a replica of the Colón in Buenos Aires. There are also occasional film festivals, sponsored either by the universities or cultural centers.

Centro Cultural Universidad Nacional De Tucuman
25 de mayo 265 1st floor
Tel: (0381) 431 1430

Casa de la Cultura
San Martin 251

Teatro Alberdi
Corner of Alvarez and Jujuy
Tel: (0381) 422-9118

Teatro San Martín
Av. Sarmiento 601
Tel: (0381) 422-8133

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