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Accommodations in Puerto Iguazú


As well as the five star international hotels in the National Park –such as the Sheraton which overlooks the falls- or the bohemian youth hostels in Puerto Iguazú, there are also several different accommodation options for those who want to wake up to the sounds of the jungle, from rustic cabins in some of the rural communities for those keen on eco-tourism, to the high end of luxury in tree-top lodges in the heart of the jungle such as Yacutinga Lodge, a stunning refuge in its own private nature reserve which offers every comfort for keen nature lovers.

  • The five-star Hotel Sheraton International Iguazú Resort has a spectacular view of the falls in the middle of the National Park.
    Tel: (03757) 491 800/
  • The luxurious Cataratas Hotel is 10 minutes from the Falls, surrounded by plenty of lush jungle and is just two minutes from the Iguazú Casino
    Tel: (03757) 421 100/
  • The Hotel Esturion Iguazú lies in the heart of the rainforest not far from the falls.
    Tel: (03757) 420 100/
  • The Pirayu Hotel & Apart Resort, also lies in natural surroundings and has some lovely little independent chalets for a more secluded stay.
    Tel: (011) 4951 3001/
  • The Iguazú Jungle Lodge built on natural basalt rock formation, provides guests with a jungle-at-a-safe-distance experience. All mod-cons chalets and manicured lawns surrounded by wild rainforest, it is extremely comfortable and you get the authentic jungle sounds too. This is a great option for family self-catering holidays.
    Tel: (3757) 420600 /

  • For the true Tarzan and Jane lifestyle, Yacutinga Lodge and Wildlife Refuge has cabins in the heart of the rainforest which are beguilingly rustic but highly luxurious. Located on the Upper Iguazú River, it is 60 km from the Falls for reservations and
  • Other accommodation options

  • Raices Apart Hotel in Puerto Iguazú is in a different bracket, offering self-catering flats just inside the town.
    Ruta 12, Km 1640 ·Tel: (03757) 423400
  • Nuevo Hotel Misiones, as the address suggests, is in the center of Puerto Iguazú on the main avenue.
    Victoria Aguirre 304/ Tel 03757 422 724/
  • Kerana Hostel House is a friendly youth hostel just a few minutes from the bus station.
  • Accomodation in Posadas

    If you want to do some more digging around the Jesuit reductions and maybe visit a few mate tea plantations, your best bet is to base yourself in the town of Posadas, the provincial capital of Misiones, which tends to be a bit quieter as it misses out a bit on all the fun in Iguazú.

  • Donato Apart Hotel, Córdoba 2291, Tel (03752) 434 632
  • Hotel Continental, Bolívar 1879, Tel (03774) 440990
  • Hotel Julio Cesar, Entre Ríos 1951, Tel (03752) 427 930
  • Hotel Posadas, Bolívar 1949, Tel (03752) 440 888
  • Hotel Canciller, Junín 1710, Tel (03752) 440 599
  • Hotel Costa Azul, Av. Uruguay 6057 Tel. (03777) 453974
  • Gran Hotel Misiones, Barrufaldi y Líbano, Tel (03752) 422 777
  • Le Petit Hotel, Sgo. del Estero 1630, Tel (03752) 436 031
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