Many of the larger international restaurants in both Foz do Iguaçu and Puerto Iguazú such as Churrascaría Rafain and El Fortín tend to go for buffets with both Argentine and Brazilian specialties and a live music show featuring a variety of members of indigenous tribes, gauchos and samba dancers. However, there are other options which are a little quieter. Typical food from the region is mandioca, or cassava root, which unfortunately has little to recommend it. The Paraguayan influence is also there with the chipás, little cheese floury buns which you can buy from stands in the street, and are particularly delicious in colder weather. Your best restaurant option is fresh fish, particularly the surubí and dorado, both local varieties of white fish which are delicately flavored yet come in thick firm chunky steaks or fillets.

  • Charo Parrilla Argentina
  • (Puerto), Tel. 03757 421 529

  • Churrrasquería o Costelao
  • (Foz), Tel. 00 55 45 528 9513

  • Pizzería Bambinos
  • (Puerto), Tel. 03757 421 622

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