Lake District


The Lake District Region of ArgentinaThe Lake District is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of Argentina. Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world retreat to this destination in search of extreme outdoor adventures and peaceful escapes into Mother Nature’s incredible creations. Along with its jaw dropping aesthetic appeal, the diverse quantity of natural attractions and activities within these vast austral lands make it a highly demanded site.

The Lake District not only includes Argentina, but also occupies part of the southern territories of Chile. With the vast quantities of water, an incredible way to journey across the border is by embarking on a cruise ship that weaves its way through the famous Andes Mountains that mark the border between the two countries. The Andes form the longest mountains range in South America and are the highest mountains outside of Asia. They provide unmatched scenery throughout the whole area. Various national parks have been developed due to the incredible combination of the mountains, lakes, volcanoes, pure state of the surroundings, and sheer beauty.

As you can imagine, the Lake District, is made up of enormous quantities of fresh water. There are 20 great lakes included in the region, the largest on the Argentina side being Nahuel Huapi which sits right off the shores of Bariloche. These wild waters provide many sporting activities, chief among which are fishing. The ultimate fishing tales are made in this area and have given Patagonia fishing a world wide presence.

Trekking, skiing, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, and every other outdoor activity imaginable is offered in the Lake District and will allow you to enjoy the experience to the max with the extreme scenery and the wild state of the land and nature.

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