How do I get There?


transportationSpread Your Wings

Wanting to fly to the Lake District? Your best bet is to fly into Bariloche. From Buenos Aires there are four airlines offering daily services: Aerolineas Argentinas is usually the most accessible due to its online availability, but it is also typically a little more expensive. If you have the time to stop by the offices of LAN, LADE, or Southern Winds you may be able to find some cheaper fares.

The Bariloche airport is located 15 kilometers outside of town and has numerous transportation options into the city. Taxis and remises are always waiting outside, but don’t forget to ask about the bus line that travels into the center if you are wanting to save a few pesos.

The Wheels on the Bus

Bariloche is the biggest town in the Lake District and therefore offers the most transportation options. However, getting to both San Martin de los Andes and Villa la Angostura is very feasible and easily done once in the area. The bus companies listed below all travel to the select areas. If you are traveling to/from Buenos Aires try Via Bariloche, Crucero del Norte, or El Valle.


Via Bariloche Tel 2944 422217
Crucero del Norte Tel 2944
El Valle Tel 2944 431444
Andesmar Tel 2944 422140
Algarrobal Tel 2944 427698
Albus Tel 2944 423564
Mar y Valle Tel 2944 432269

San Martin de los Andes

El Valle Tel 2944 431444
Via Bariloche Tel 2944 422217
Algarrobal Tel 2944 427698
Albus Tel 2944 423564

Villa la Angostura

Albus Tel 2944 15617578
Algarrobal Tel 2944 494360
Andesmar Tel 2944 495247
Río de La Plata Tel 2944 15617578
Tas Choapa Tel 2944 494572
Transportes E.C. Tel 2944 495247

Chooo Chooo!

Train travel is not common in Argentina. But there is one line that runs from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. To contact the Patagonic Train Station, call 2944 431777 for more information.

By Water

If you are coming from, or traveling to, Chile, the most scenic route is the one that goes on water. The Patagonia lake crossing travels from Bariloche to Puerto Montt and Puerto Baras – or vice versa – and runs year round. It is a beautiful and comfortable way to travel. The schedules vary but the crossing can be completed anywhere from a day to a week depending on your personal preferences.

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