What’s Nearby?


Within the Lake District other common destinations are El Bolson, which has been known as the hippie capital of the world, Esquel, for a quiet, small town trekking escape, and Junin de los Andes, the smaller non-touristy neighbor to San Martin.

If and when you finally decide to leave the Lake District there are various possibilities for the next stopping grounds. Heading north? Many shoot up to Mendoza from there for an immersion into Argentina’s famous vineyards, or to Cordoba, the half way mark between Bariloche and Buenos Aires.

For a change of scenery many head east to Peninsula Valdes which sits along the opposite border of Argentina. You’ll go from mountains to plains, lakes to ocean, and experience a completely different form of Argentina’s beauty.

And those heading south typically have a goal of reach El Calafate to see the Perrito Moreno Glacier, or Ushuaia, the end of the world. You’ll cover lots of land on this trip and will either find yourself making a pit stop in Comodoro Rivadavia or Rio Gallegos along your journey.

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