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Patagonia is famous for its outdoor wonders. Chances are if you are planning a Patagonian trip, you have a passion for nature and will want to take a piece of that beauty home with you. The Patagonia gifts and souvenirs(including some delicious chocolate) capture the same wonder and intrigue of the natural surroundings and are a perfect reminder of your adventures. You will love the home decorative gifts that are made from the wood of the giant trees in the Andes Mountains; the leather clothes, shoes, and jackets that demonstrate the old fashioned lifestyle within the ranching culture; and the art work of the indigenous Mapuche people who commonly use the flora and fauna as inspiration for their designs.

Art fairs and markets are easy to come by, especially if you make your way to El Bolson in the Lake District which has been known as the Hippie Capital. There you can expect to see jewelry jewelry and more jewelry. The hand made crafts also commonly feature mates and bombillas, scarves, and hand woven wool clothing.

There is no shortage of gifts and shopping in Patagonia. So you probably won’t have a hard time finding things to buy, but rather deciding what it is you want to take home with you.

For more detailed information on shopping in your Patagonia area of interest, please see our dstination specific pages on Argentina’s Travel Guide.

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