Getting There

transportationPatagonia is scattered with small towns which means that the Patagonia airports are scattered as well. Just as you would imagine, the bigger the town, the better your chances of flying there. That being said, Bariloche, Ushuaia, and Trelew are three of the largest, most commonly used airports in Patagonia.

The San Carlos de Bariloche Airport will get you right into the middle of the Lake District, and it conveniently connects with 8 cities non stop. Ushuaia is also a highly demanded flight destination because it is very difficult to get to otherwise. The southern-most city in the world, would not receive nearly as many tourists without that vital landing strip. And Trelew, although not a huge tourist stop itself, is the main airport for those hoping to see the whales, penguins, and seals along Argentina’s eastern coast. From Trelew, Puerto Madryn is just a quick bus ride away.

There are a few other airport options if these don’t get ya where you want to be, however these three will be the easiest to fly into.The next best option is nothing other than the fabulous Argentine bus. Every town – big or small – will be accessible by bus. Argentina has an immaculate bus system and every seat gets an A+ ranking. The bus companies have learned to accommodate to the comfortable traveling demands of their customers with cushiony seats, plenty of leg room, full service, meals, snacks, drinks, and non stop movies.

For more detailed information regarding transportation options to each Patagonia location, please see the destination specific pages on Argentina’s Travel Guide.

Getting Around

The good news is that once you get to your Patagonian destination, getting around within each town is pretty easy to figure out. Many towns are best explored on your own two feet or on a bike. There are no Buenos Aires metropolises in Patagonia and therefore no complicated subway systems to figure out. But when you are on a time crunch or need to get somewhere beyond your walking limits, there is always a bus that will take you where you want to go. Argentina’s bus system is impeccable – for both long and short distances.

Car rentals and taxis are always around as well. Hertz and Avis are familiar car rental companies that are available in just about every location, but there are plenty of local businesses as well that you will find around every corner.

For more information on the Transportation Options in Patagonia, including phone numbers and addresses for car rental and taxi companies, see the destination specific pages at Argentina’s Travel Guide.

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