Peninsula Valdes


Whale watching in Peninsula ValdesPeninsula Valdes is most commonly recognized for its whale-watching opportunities and its up-close-and-personal experiences with nature. The Peninsula provides a peaceful refuge for the Southern Right Whales as well as many other fascinating marine animals; and there is nothing quite as astounding as being able to experience a day in the life of these fantastic creatures and their beautiful surroundings.Various forms of marine wildlife call Peninsula Valdes their home, their sanctuary. But they are not the only ones who have recognized the wonders of this natural reserve. In 1999 UNESCO officially declared Peninsula Valdes a world heritage site and therefore a V.I.L. – Very Important Location.

While the animal watching is impressively entertaining , it is important to note that along with the sea not only come many sea creatures, but also many sea sports. An endless number of activities are available for those looking for an upbeat adventure. In the area you can learn how to windsurf, go scuba diving, try your luck at deep sea fishing, go on a boat cruise, rent a kayak, and much more. And those travelers looking for a more relaxing adventure, can always retreat to the sun-soaked beach for some well deserved R & R. When you finally take off your shoes and let your feet sink into the warm sand you will be glad you made the trip.

Peninsula Valdes, on land and in the sea, provides wildlife at its best and an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful area and the small town Patagonian spirit.

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