What To Do


Wildlife Watching

Outdoor activities in Peninsula Valdes are plentiful. Daily excursions are available to the Peninsula where you can squeeze a high capacity of animals sightings in a short period of time. Some of the common land animals are the guanaco, mara, fox, and nandu; although the highlight is usually the seaa animals such as the Southern Right whale, sea lion, elephant seal, orca, and even penguin.

If the penguins are of specific interest to you, there are also tours available from Puerto Madryn that will lead you to Punta Tombo. There you can spend a day waddling around with a colony of Magellanic Penguins and will surely spend the majority of the time laughing at their mannerism and unique behavorisims.

The Beach and Beach Sports

When you’ve gotten your fill of animals, we recommend hitting the beach – there are plenty to choose from. Maybe a snooze in the sun sounds appealing, or maybe you’d prefer to do something more active. Either way, you will definitely be able to find what you are looking for. The main beaches on the town border of Puerto Madryn and Puerto Pirimades offer plenty of sport activities. Scuba diving and windsurfing seem to be the favorites; however, kite-surfing, and even sand-boarding are available. Fishing excursions and nautical trips are other options that can be explored from many of the companies lining the beach.

A beautiful Peninsula Valdes beach.

Puerto Madryn Bueco
Balneraio Nativo Sur
Tel 14413997

Vernardino Club Mar
Bvard. Brown 860
Tel 455633

Sand Dunes

Even if sand-boarding doesn’t interest you, you shouldn’t bypass a trip to the sand dunes. On of the most beautiful parts of Peninsula Valdes are the sand dunes that rise and fall along the southern beaches of Puerto Madryn. They are somewhat hidden by the cliffs that stretch up above the beach side eye, but it’s worth the adventure out there to check it out. You’ll be amazed once you see the undulating, sea-shell packed sandy dunes.

Horseback Riding

Imagine you graceful cantering along side the beach on top of a beautiful horse you’re your hair and the horses mane blowing in the wind. Ok so maybe that imagine depends upon your level and experience but it’s a beautiful image and an even more beautiful experience. To give it a try contact Huella y Costas.

Huella y Costas
Bvard. Broawn 1900
Tel 15637826


Too much sun? Ready for the indoors? How about learning a little more about the flora and fauna of the area from an educational perspective. Puerto Madryn has to exception museums dedicated to the artistic, educational, and scientific existence of the marine life surrounding Peninsula Valdes. El Ecocentro is one – which also happens to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Peninsula Valdes – and the Oceanography and Natural Science Museum is the other. Both are fully equipped with A.C. to give you that break from the heat that you need.

Whale skeleton at a Peninsula Valdez museum

There is also a Municipal Arts Museum along side the boardwalk which regularly features new works and displays.

Julio Verne 3784
Tel 457470

Oceanography and Natural Science Museum
Menéndez and Domecq García
Tel 451139

Municipal Arts Museum
Av. Roca 44

Or if you have had enough for the wildlife all together you can always escape for a night at the movies. On 28 de Julio there is the one and only theatre in town. The theatre has rooms that are small but cozy, and it usually feature a mix of Argentinean as well as American made films.

Night Time

Although you won’t see any sharks on your Peninsula tour, there are a couple of place in town where you will see them. The pool bars. A good night is always awaiting those pool sharks in town as the game seems to be extremely popular in Puerto Madryn. Numerous regular bars and pubs are also reviewed in the Going out section.

If you are having luck at pool you may as well try it out at the towns Casinos. Two casinos – Casino Punto y Banca, and Casino Electronico – will give you a chance to earn some extra pesos for your traveling endeavors.

Casino Electronico
Fuete San Jose
Tel 473200

Casino Punto y Banca
Belgrano 74
Tel 45869

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