Cordoba City

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Córdoba, the Capital City

Known as “la Docta,” from the word doctorate, Córdoba is the city where Argentina’s history of educational excellence started with the first Jesuit college. Today, the city is home to seven universities and the student population gives this city of starkly beautiful colonial architecture its modern vibrancy. The second largest city in the country, Córdoba is still relatively unexplored by many foreign tourists whose first and last stop is Buenos Aires. The result is a laid back atmosphere where the traveler may explore and enjoy the sights in step with the córdobeses.

Jesuit Estancias

Jesuit EstanciaAn impressive block of 17th century Jesuit buildings in the center of the city of Cordoba, the Manzana Jesuítica, is the first stop on the Camino de las Estancias, a southwards route linking together six Jesuit farms built in the 17th and 18th centuries.

This route has been declared World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The estancia in the town of Alta Gracia is the best preserved. While there consider a visit to the house where the famous socialist revolutionary Che Guevara grew up, several blocks down from the church.


Villa General Belgrano

Villa General BelgranoA large wave of German, Swiss and Austrian immigration in the 1930s and 40s made this town’s architecture worthy of the quaintest German Alps village. It is renowned in Argentina for its celebration of Oktoberfest, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. They also hold an Alpine chocolate festival every year in July.

La Cumbre and Capilla del Monte

Going north off of RN38 from Cordoba, one reaches the towns of La Cumbre (the summit, in English) and Capilla del Monte, or chapel of the hill after more than a few zigzags. As the names tell you, these pueblos offer beautiful views on the valley and nearby mountains. Adventure tourism reaches a zenith in La Cumbre, known for world-class paragliding as well as horseback riding and hiking.

Capilla del Monte is also a popular location for Argentina’s burgeoning new-age retreat centers. There is a Buddhist center in town, and you can find vegan or vegetarian food. There are also rumors of UFOs being spotted in the area, so keep your eyes tuned to the sky at night.

Condorito National Park

To the very southwest of the province, Condorito National Park is not very easy to access. However, many excursions leaving from Cordoba capital offer a chance to visit this beautiful park, where you can hope to spot the bird that gave the park its name, the elusive condor.

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