restaurants2.jpgUshuaia offers different food and prices for every sized wallet. For some scrumptious cheap eats Banana Bar is a popular spot. They are best known for their delicious coffee and breakfast, but it is open late and caters to a fun night time environment with a pool table out back.

Seeing how Ushuaia sits right on the sea…seafood is always fresh, available, and delicious. Tante Sara takes advantage of this tasty supply and transforms the sea delicacies into excellent home made pastas and pizzas.

Two of the most popular dining locations in town are a little pricier but if you want one night to splurge, here are a couple of great places to do so. Kaupé was named the best restaurant in all of Argentina back in 2005 and has managed to maintain that reputation with their multiple course dinners, top of the line wines, and delicious desserts. It is truly amazing and well worth the money. The second is also delicious and a little more affordable. Volver which means to return will make you want to do just that after you dine in their End of the World oasis. This place is FUN and screams PERSONALITY. You will love the food, the experience, and the wild décor.


Roca 470
Tel (2901) 422704


Av. Maipú 37
Tel (2901) 423977

Tante Sara

San Martin 701
Tel (2901) 433710

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