Getting There

transportationIf you had to choose just ONE destination in Argentina to fly into, this may be the place to do it. Reason being… the extreme location of course. Ushuaia does have an airport for just this reason and there are incoming flights with LADE, LAN, and Aerolineas Argentinas airlines. The amount of travel time you will save by flying there, may be well worth the extra dollars you’ll spend getting there.

However, if you find yourself down south, doing a tour of the area, then it may be more convenient to take a bus. Bus trips to Ushuaia are highly demanded and somewhat limited. This would be the most important time on your trip to purchase your bus ticket a few days in advance. They fill up fast. The two towns where you can find Ushuaia bound buses are Rio Gallegos and Punta Arenas. There is only one Tecni Austral bus that travels from each town on each day. For this reason, many people end up spending longer in one of these towns than they originally planned. Many times this is inevitable due to timing; however knowing the bus schedules, and planning ahead may be able to help you avoid this small hiccup.

Tecni Austral Bus Line Traveling to Ushuaia

From Punta Arenas
8:30am – 9pm

From Rio Gallegos
10am – 10pm

Getting Around

Ushuaia Car Rentals

A few numbers for your self exploring needs. Here are just a few car rental options.

Aeropuerto Local 11
Tel (2901) 432429′

Cinco Estrellas
San Martin 788 local 33
Tel (2901) 421450

Alamo Rent a Car
Belgrano 96
Tel (2901) 431131

Ushuaia Taxis

A few numbers for your taxi needs.
Tel (2901) 422007

Tel (2901) 422222

Tel (2901) 421116

Ushuaia Bike rental

Transportation and exercise all in one.

DTT Cycles Sport
Avenida San Martín 903

Punta Arenas Car Rentals

If you do find yourself on the Chilean side, here is some contact info for various transportation companies in Punta Arenas. A few numbers for your self exploring needs. Here are just a few car rental options.

Adel Rent a Car
Tel (061) 23547

Tel (061) 248742

Taxis in Punta Arenas

Radio Taxi Yamana
Tel (061) 233784

Taxi Las Vertientes
Tel (061) 230087

Punta Arenas Bike Rental

Transportation and exercise all in one.

Claudio Botten
Sarmiento 1132
Tel (061) 242107

What’s Nearby?

Seeing how you are at The End of the World, there is only one option in terms of heading south. Antarctica. There are numerous cruise ships that leave from Ushuaia on this glacial vacation. Last minute deals can occasionally be found but even then you have to expect to throw out a decent amount of dinero. There is no cheap way of doing it but in the end you’ll find that it is well worth every penny.

Ushuaia buses will take you to Punta Arenas or Rio Gallegos. Punta Arenas is a small town on the Chilean side with plenty of activities and sights to keep you entertained. Rio Gallegos, although it may have some less discovered charm, is usually more of a stopping grounds along the route to El Calafate where most head next to see and hear the wonders of Perito Moreno. Traveling along either route will eventually lead you to Torres de Paine the mind-blowing National Park that sits within Chile and is characterized by the rocky peaks and spires in the Andes Mountains that can be seen from miles away.

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