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carilo argentina

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In the language of Mapuche, Cariló means “green dune,” which describes the town beautifully as it is covered with verdant trees and plants. With sandy roads and beautiful red brick houses, Cariló has placed all of its cables underground, creating a natural environment that is peaceful and elegant. The town consists of a commercial center one block long and a beautiful beach measuring 300 meters wide. Here you will find first class inns, excellent restaurants, and a wide variety of excursions. There is also a golf course, horseback riding, and a salt lagoon for sport fishing. Only 360 km from Buenos Aires, the city is an ideal hideaway from those besieged by big city life.

Where to stay

  • 4 star: Costa Cariló – Albatros 20 corner of Jacaranda 57-2322/2323/2558 –
  • 4 star: La Hosteria Cariló – Avutarda and Jacaranda 57-0704
  • Puerto Pirata – Cerezo and Playa 57-2828
  • 4 star Apart Hotel – Cariló House – Albatros bet Cerezo and Jacaranda – 57-2500
  • Spa – Cariló Village – Carpintero and Divisadero 47-0244
  • 3 star cabin – Puerto Hamlet – Cerezo and Avutarda 47-0623
  • Alpinas Cabins – Arbol de Cielo and Becasina Street 02254 – 572639


Located in the Tres Arroyos District, Claromecó has large dunes and 100 km of fine sandy beach along with warm waters that are rich in iodine and iron, making it an angler’s paradise. Here you will find a wide range of excellent water activities such as rowing, surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, and water skiing. Land sports are also offered and include tennis, volleyball, and horseback riding. The town has a beautiful chapel located in the main square along with a regional museum and a wonderful crafts fair. Only 2 km away from the center is the second highest lighthouse in South America. At 54 meters high it provides the visitor with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Additional excursions can include a visit to the Seven Waterfalls and the Bellocq Forest Station, a glorious setting for picnics, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. If golf is your game, the Santana Country Club has a beautiful 9-hole circuit surrounded by pine trees.

Mar de Ajó

With an average temperature of between 22 degrees and 33 degrees C, this beautiful resort is a visitor’s paradise. Walk the long beaches loaded with clams and shellfish, or fish from the 270 meter long pier. Just south is Punta Medanos where you can enjoy horseback riding or quad rides. If it’s gambling you’re looking for, Mar de Ajó’s casino is ideal for roulette, black jack, and playing the slot machines. Car racing lovers need look no further as there is a track located just opposite the city.

Mar de Las Pampas

Mar de las Pampas

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In the backwater of the Atlantic coast, this peaceful, harmonious locale is famous for its dense forests and wide sandy beaches. Only 8 km away from Villa Gesell, Mar de las Pampas is a perfect quiet getaway, with picturesque houses blending with the landscape. Take a walk through the forest or down a sandy lane, or enjoy the amenities at the local spa, famous for its massages.

Where to stay

Settled into the trees, this small and lovely family-run hotel has rooms that are well appointed, cozy, and comfortable. With a warm dining room serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, gracious hosts, and only a short stroll to the beach, Aike Malem is ideal for a revitalizing stay. Av. Roca corner of Los Andes 02255 47 9868

This apart-hotel and spa boasts all the amenities one could ask for in a resort. Along with its steam room and Finnish sauna, the spa also provides some of the best massages imaginable. Las Toninas and Repetto 02255 456 404

Where to eat

  • Placeres Patagonicos

With a sublime menu and a creative and sophisticated chef, Placeres Patagonicos is a must. Featuring a bar, tea house, and restaurant situated in a wood hewn building, the rustically appointed dining area is ideal for enjoying the gourmet cuisine offered day and night.


In the southeastern province of BA located in the General Alavarado district, Miramar has smooth, wide beaches and modern resorts. A traditional excursion from this locale includes a visit to the Florentino Ameghino Dune Farm. Other features include fishing from the pier, horseback riding in Los Patricios Park, staying at an Estancia, or playing golf at the beautiful 18-hole Miramar Golf Club. With its street shows, craft fairs, and cozy cafes nestled into the pedestrian street, a visit to Miramar makes for a great holiday.

Monte Hermoso

Just south of Buenos Aires, Monte Hermoso has a 32 km long beach that is the only one in the country where sun both rises and sets over the sea. Windy, the town boasts warm currents due to its location. Here you can enjoy activities such as beach volleyball, soccer, aerobics, and salsa lessons in addition to sailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing. Fishing is not to be missed as there are abundant quantities of palo, whiting, grouper as well as anchovies, shrimp, and prawn. Visit the Natural Science Museum, the Navy Museum, and the casino and don’t forget to go schedule your bicycling time or a hike in Pinewood Walk.


In the southeastern area of the Province of Buenos Aires, this coastal town features a combination of sand and clay with a wide dune strip along coast that is ideal for 4 x 4 excursions. The area includes several beaches, such as the beautiful Costa Bonita, Bahia de los Vientos, Las Grutas, and Quequien. The lighthouse at Quequen along with the interesting fossils located in Punta Cabillido make the area especially interesting. In addition to the usual water sports, there are two fine museums, an outdoor amphitheater, square, and a casino with ample game rooms. For hiking and cycling, the thickly wooded Miguel Lillo Park is ideal for a day of simple exercise.


In the southeastern area of the province, in the district of Tres Arroyos one finds high dunes, warm water, and a soft semicircular beach that is perfect for walks and water sports. Visit Hurtado’s Cultural Center and House, the Cristiano Muerto Stream with its giant dunes that are perfect for 4 x 4ing, and the forest lagoon called Huinca-Loo featuring140 hectares for fishing or watching the black neck swans, flamingos, storks, herons, and ducks.


Located 5km from Pinamar, Ostende has been called the best beach in area. Founded in the beginning of the century by Belgians, the town was created to look like the resorts found by the north sea. Here you will find a 200 meter long jetty and promenade.

Where to stay

  • Viejo Hotel Ostende

The old Thermas Hotel, now called the Viejo Hotel Ostende, is where famous writers such as Silvina Ocampo, Adolfo Bioy Cesares, and Antoine Saint-Expery were known to stay when in this part of the hemisphere. The hotel is fully modernized, but still maintains the feeling that it once had, complete with its art collection and classical musical concerts. Biarritz and El Cairo 02254 48 6801,ar


Pinamar Argentina

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A serene and sophisticated community, Pinamar is located 400 km south of Buenos Aires and is known as one of the most exclusive of Argentina’s beach resorts. The town was founded by Jorge Bunge, a Munich-born architect whose orderly urban planning and wooded streets still harmonize with the 22 kms of wide beaches and craggy dunes that rim the water. The resort is thick with pine trees, acacias, and eucalyptus trees and there is no better place to go on a photographic safari for viewing local flora and fauna. Offering one of the best golf courses in the country, Pinamar is one of Argentina’s best kept secrets and only a only a hop away from the neighboring resorts of Ostende, Valeria del Mar, and Cariló.


Here is the ideal seaside hideaway for getting away from the busier resorts. Located in Tres Arroyos, Reta has a 30 km mile beach with warm, soft sand. Windy and wild, with low dunes, the town is dotted with poplars, eucalyptus, and conifers. The Mediterranean style architecture, the marvelous little restaurants, bars, and discos along with features such as the Submedanal Tunnel, the Mediano Blanco, and a sunken boat, provide visitors with plenty to do while whiling away the hours..

San Bernardo

Just 325 km from the Federal district of Buenos Aires, San Bernardo is the twin city of Mar de Ajó as it is just a short drive away. With narrow beaches and old trees lining the picturesque town, San Bernardo has many interesting things to do for visitors of all ages. Walk the J.C. Chiozza pedestrian street, a must with its many shops; go to the Coast Observatory where you can view the planets, constellations, galaxies; or enjoy the many water sports as well as the pubs, discos, theatre, and bingo hall.

San Clemente del Tuyu

This beautiful town is located where the River Plate ends in the Argentinean Sea. Soft quiet beaches, low dunes, and a thick forest characterize this beautiful getaway. Visit Mundo Marino, the largest ocean resort in South America, where you can learn about all the dolphins, whales, sea lions, and penguins that are found in the area. From Punta Rasa you can fish for black covina. If you are a birdwatcher, there is no better place to view the migratory birds when they arrive from the northern hemisphere. If you’re looking for theme parks or shipwrecks, don’t miss Bahia Aventura or the Cosme Argerich Greenhouse respectively.

Santa Teresita

This lovely town borders on the Las Toninas district to the north, Mar del Tuyu to south, Gral. Lavalle district to the west, and the Argentinean sea to the east. Only 310 km from Buenos Aires, the town consists of long beaches and many coastal activities.

Valeria del Mar

Located inside the district of Pinamar, Valeria del Mar is known for its forest, its modern buildings, and its peaceful beaches. An ideal place for taking all-terrain expeditions, horseback riding, hiking, and enjoying the nightlife, one can enjoy also enjoy the town in the early spring when the acacias begin to bloom, covering the city in a beautiful yellow glow.

Villa Gesell

In one of the oldest woodlands in the area, Villa Gesell boasts thick forests of full of tamarinds, pines, acacias, and eucalyptus trees. With its hilly streets and its beautiful sloping beach, Villa Gesell is a favorite vacation spot for people of all ages. Whether you take a trip to the zoo or the crafts gallery, play a round of golf, visit the craft fair, or partake of the town’s prolific nightlife, you are sure to have an enjoyable visit in this lively resort. Visit founder Carlos Gesell’s old house with its art exhibitions and musical and literary events or the theme park where deer and indigenous birds roam freely. Just 30 km south of Villa Gesell is the Reserva Dunicula Municipal and the Faro Querandí, the greatest expanse of sand dunes in Argentina where seven different types of ecosystems still co-exist.

Where to eat

  • Cartagena de Indias

Avenida 3 215 between 102 and 104 02255 46 2858

Where to stay

Avenida 4 642 bet 106 and 107 02255 46 2086

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